Life insurance pay out myths and facts infographic (2018)

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Pay out rates: Much better than most people think

Research from a range of sources, including Association of British Insurers (ABI), Pacific Life Re, as well as insurers AIG, Legal & General and SunLife indicates there’s a sizeable gap between customers’ perception and the reality when it comes to pay out rates.

Whereas more than 80% of people think insurer pay out rates are less than 80%[1], the reality is this figure is 98%[2].

In a 2017 report from Pacific Life Re[1] when customers were asked why they think insurers decline claims, 58% answered ‘due to the policyholder not providing accurate information when they bought the policy‘.

Perhaps more worrying for us in the life insurance sector, 17% replied ‘insurance companies always try to avoid paying out.’ A further 9% cited ‘loopholes‘ or ‘insurance companies being too profit driven in general‘.

Contrary to these findings, the data indicates that insurers are not reluctant to pay out on life insurance claims. However, this misconception is believed by a significant proportion of the UK public.

In fact, all nine of the major insurance providers that we sell policies for at Reassured have achieved pay out rates of over 96%.

The importance of having life insurance (and disclosing all information)

Did you know that 1 in 4 breadwinners in the UK don’t have a life insurance policy in place[1]? What’s more almost half of parents don’t have any form of life cover[3].

This results in an astonishing estimated cover gap of £263 billion across the UK[2].

The 2% of declined claims are mainly as a result of non-disclosure. Meaning the policyholder wasn’t completely transparent with all their details during application.

In summary, many in the UK don’t have life cover in place, potentially leaving their loved ones exposed.

It’s also clear that it’s vital to disclose all the correct information on application in order to maximise the chances of a successful claim.

Misconceptions are common, (make sure you know the facts)

It’s clear that many in the UK are unsure of the cost of life cover or whether insurers even pay out.

These common misconceptions could play a part in why ‘8.5 million people are without‘ life cover[2]. Many of us are also confused on the cost of life insurance premiums.

SunLife suggest ‘that 47% of people have no idea how much life insurance costs‘. As well as, ‘people overestimate the cost of insurance by 394%[3].

If you have dependants, who rely on you financially, or have a mortgage with your partner then having life cover in place can provide much needed security and peace of mind.

Your mortgage could be cleared allowing your family to remain in their home. Outstanding debts could be paid off. Children could receive an inheritance to set them up in adulthood or fund university.

We believe it’s vital for the vast majority of us to have adequate life insurance protection in place. Therefore we’re passionate about the UK population having a greater understanding of the true figures.

Be a hero – secure your life cover

Taking out a life insurance policy to protect the financial future of your loved ones is a selfless and truly heroic act.

Life cover is probably cheaper than you would expect. Depending on your individal circumstances it’s possible to secure cover for less than 20p-a-day.

The best way to lock in the lowest premiums is to take out cover while you’re still young. The best way to get the best price is to compare quotes, (or get a broker, like Reassured, to do it on your behalf – for free).

Now we have dispelled some of the myths surrounding life insurance, why not seize the day and secure cover?

Then get on with the more enjoyable things in life, like enjoying the family, safe in the knowledge you have safeguarded their future.

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