Funeral plans for couples

Funeral plans for couples, or joint funeral plans, simply allow you to place a single funeral plan in two names.

A joint funeral plan covers only one funeral when the first or second named person passes away.

Not all providers offer joint funeral plans, so it may be worth considering your other options.

For example, you could have two individual funeral plans and spread the cost over a number of months or years so it’s more affordable.

This also means you’d both benefit from fixing today’s funeral prices and protecting loved ones from rising funeral costs.

To put in perspective, two funeral plans paid for monthly can cost less than one monthly mobile phone contract.

At Reassured, we believe that anyone who has a partner, close relatives and/or children would benefit from having individual funeral plans in place - offering the very most protection they’ll appreciate.

Get in touch with our award-winning team today to discover your options.

Is a joint funeral plan right for you?

A joint funeral plan may be right for you if the purpose is to protect your surviving partner from having to arrange your funeral or pay the bill.

In this case, you’d take out a joint funeral plan that covers the funeral of the first named person.

However, if you have children or other close relatives then that leaves the second funeral to be considered, as it would become their burden to cover the cost.

Usually, funds would be recovered from your estate, however, funds may not be released until your estate has been through probate, which can take 6 - 9 months.

This is a long time before your loved ones would have access to the funds they need.

And most funeral providers will require payment upfront, particularly for third-party services, requiring your loved ones to find the funds in the interim.

Therefore, a joint funeral plan may not be right for you if you’re concerned for loved ones who would be out of pocket to cover your or your partner’s funeral costs.

A funeral plan for both the first and second funeral is a smart investment to ensure there is immediate cover on both occasions.

Get in touch with Reassured to arrange your fully guaranteed, individual funeral plans.

Compare funeral plans

Compare multiple funeral plans and save money by using our fee-free, FCA registered broker service.

Funeral plans differ both in price and services offered, making it essential to compare to ensure you get the best solution for you.

Individual funeral plans arranged through Reassured start from just £20.38* per month.

Why take out a funeral plan through us?

All funeral plans arranged through Reassured are fully guaranteed which means that essential third-party fees are covered and the price you pay today is frozen for the services included in your plan.

Other benefits of arranging a funeral plan through Reassured:

  • All funeral plans approved by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). Giving you peace of mind that your investment is safe
  • Accepted by over 1000 funeral homes nationwide. There’ll be a funeral home local to you
  • Choice of flexible payment options. Pay for your plan over 6 or 12 months interest-free, by monthly instalments up to 25 years or in one lump sum.
  • Funeral costs are covered even if you pass away before paying your plan in full.
    When paying by monthly instalments and pass away after the first 12 successful monthly payments.
  • Best price guarantee. When provided with a like for like quote on your preferred plan, we will match it.

As mentioned, we're an FCA registered broker service which means we can provide all the information you need to choose the right plan, at no charge to you.

Why not make the most of our award-winning services by getting in touch today?

Beat rising funeral costs

As you may be aware, taking out a funeral plan allows you to beat rising funeral costs.

This is because the amount you pay for your plan today remains fixed, no matter how much prices rise.

To remain competitive, funeral plan providers offer this benefit due to ever-increasing funeral costs in the UK.

Since records began in 2004, funeral costs have risen +130% and show no sign of slowing down.[1]

The average cost of a basic funeral is now £4,417.

Cost of funerals infographic UK

Having two individual funeral plans in place will not only protect each partner but also ensure that your children or loved ones won’t have to pay inflated funeral costs in the future.

The earlier you take out an individual funeral plan, the more money you can potentially save your loved ones in the future.

A joint funeral plan won’t offer that level of financial protection.

Freeze your funeral costs by arranging your funeral plans through Reassured.

How much does a funeral cost in your area?

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Average funeral cost

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Avoid rising funeral costs. Protect loved ones. Buy a funeral plan today.

This calculator uses data from the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2020 and should only be used as a guide.

Plan your funeral in advance

Not only can you protect loved ones financially with a funeral plan, but you can also protect them from the additional stress of arranging your funeral.

This is because, with your own funeral plan in place, you can plan your funeral in advance, removing this responsibility from loved ones.

Whilst this seems like a dismal task, there are benefits of planning your own funeral.

  1. Fulfil your final wishes, with a ceremony arranged to your preference
  2. Remove the pressure from loved ones who’ll want to organise the perfect send-off
  3. Remove some of the difficult decisions that loved ones would otherwise have to make
  4. Prevents loved ones from overspending on unnecessary services for your funeral

When the time comes, your loved ones would simply need to get in touch with the funeral director who’ll start organising the funeral as per your wishes.

To learn more about the pros and cons of funeral plans, see our in-depth article.

Affordable payment options

Whilst a joint funeral plan is cheaper, there are several payment options available to keep the cost down if you decide on two funeral plans.

At Reassured, the funeral plans we offer have the following payment options:

  • 6 or 12 interest-free monthly payments
  • Instalment plan over a period of 2-25 years (plus interest)
  • A one-off payment for immediate cover

By spreading the cost into manageable monthly payments can make it more affordable to have more than one funeral plan.

Get in touch with Reassured today and we’ll help you find funeral plans within your budget.

Benefits of paying by instalments

As mentioned, it’s possible to spread the cost of your funeral plan over 2 – 25 years, when arranged through Reassured.

But what happens if you pass away during this time and haven’t paid all your instalments?

Under normal circumstances, your loved ones would need to pay the balance of your plan so that the funeral services can go ahead as agreed.

However, with funeral plans arranged through us, this needn’t be a worry.

This is because if you pass away after the first 12 months of paying for your plan, and all instalments are up to date, then your funeral will still be carried out in accordance with your plan, with nothing else for your loved ones to pay.

This benefit is unique to monthly funeral plans arranged through Reassured.

Fully guaranteed funeral plans

Funeral plans arranged through Reassured are fully guaranteed, unlike other funeral plans.

This means that the cost of your plan is fixed at today’s rate, even if you pay over a long-term instalment plan.

This also means that all your funeral costs are guaranteed, including essential third-party fees.

Third-party fees include:

  • Minister fees
  • Doctor fees
  • Cremation or burial fees

These other services usually cost on average £1,193 for a cremation and £2,621 on average for a burial.

Many funeral plan providers will offer only a contribution towards these costs.

However, with a funeral plan arranged through Reassured, third-party fees can be locked-in with the cost of your plan.

Offering you peace of mind that your funeral could take place in 10, 20 or 30 years time and there won’t be anything else for your loved ones to pay.

To secure your fully guaranteed funeral plan, contact Reassured today.

Co-op joint funeral plans

At Reassured, we can provide award-winning Co-op funeral plans, however, Co-op doesn’t offer joint funeral plans.

As mentioned before, many funeral plan providers don’t offer this option.

But funeral plans have been made more affordable so that a wide range of people are able to take out individual plans.

For your no-obligation, Co-op funeral plans quote, get in touch with our team at Reassured.

Joint life insurance (life insurance for couples)

A joint life insurance policy may be a cheaper alternative to a joint funeral plan.

Joint life insurance covers two lives simultaneously, and a pay out is made upon the first death.

It’s possible to save approximately 25% with a joint policy in comparison to two single policies.

This is ideal for couples who would like to leave behind some financial protection but are on a tighter budget.

Whilst a funeral plan can only be used to cover your funeral, a life insurance policy can leave behind a larger sum to be spent how loved ones deem fit.

With Reassured, it’s possible to secure joint life insurance from just 20p-a-day.

Get in touch with our award-winning team to compare quotes.

Compare quotes (for free) today

As a couple, there are various options available to you.

And at Reassured we believe that anyone with a family, would benefit from having their own individual cover in place, whether that be a life insurance policy or a funeral plan - budget allowing.

Our FCA registered broker service is here to help - one way or another.

Get in touch with our award-winning, FCA regulated team who’ll be happy to answer any questions and discuss your options.

As mentioned, funeral plans arranged through us are fully guaranteed, offer flexible payment options and are FPA approved.

We can also offer a best price guarantee - just provide us with a like for like quotation on a funeral plan of your choice and we'll match it.

Reassured offer a fee-free service, so there’s literally nothing to lose.


*£20.38 per month includes a £75 discount only available to Co-op members, based on a 50-year-old purchasing a Simple Funeral Plan at £3,220 after discount with 25 years payment term (total amount payable £6,115.40)

Only available through our Co-op funeral plans. Doesn't apply to the 2-25 year instalment payment plan


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All of the funeral plans we provide are fully regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) ensuring you and your money are protected.

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