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Please note, as of 1st February 2022, Reassured no longer sell conventional funeral plans.

However, we can instead offer funeral cover via the SunLife Guaranteed Funeral Plan, which is an insurance policy that guarantees to pay for the funeral services included in their plans after two years of continued payments.

SunLife Guaranteed Funeral Plan key features:

  • Prices beginning from £19.18 month^
  • Guaranteed acceptance ages 50 - 80
  • Pay out guaranteed after two years
  • 100% pay out protection with FSCS

^For a 50 year old buying a traditional plan with premium increases of £0.95 per year rising to £38.18 per month. Premiums will vary depending on your age and the plan you choose. Pricing correct as of 1st February 2022

Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans

Dignity is one of the UK’s leading funeral planning providers. As well as providing guidance and advice on planning a funeral, Dignity also offer a range of prepaid funeral plans.

Dignity funeral plans include the professional services of a Dignity owned or approved funeral director (1,800 in total in the UK).

Like other providers, Dignity guarantees to cover the cost of your services included in a plan, even if prices have risen when the time comes.

Reassured isn’t able to compare quotes for Dignity funeral plans but we can do so for other highly rated plans costing from just £19.11* a month.

We’re an award-winning broker with more than 10 years experience helping customers secure financial protection for their families.

Get in touch for your free, personalised funeral plan quote.

Continue reading for a comprehensive review of Dignity prepaid funeral plans to help you establish if they're the right provider for you…

What is a Dignity funeral plan and how does it work?

Like other prepaid funeral plans, Dignity plans allow you to pay in advance for your funeral and lock-in today’s prices for the services included in the plan.

This means that when the time comes, your loved ones won’t have to pay anything more for these, even if prices have risen.

By taking out a prepaid funeral plan you can:

  • Plan the funeral your way and record your final wishes
  • Protect loved ones from having to meet all the costs
  • Spread the cost of your funeral in affordable monthly payments

Dignity prepaid funeral plans are protected by the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority) and plan funds are paid into the National Funeral Trust.

This ensures that the money required for the funeral is protected until your funeral services need to be paid for.

What’s covered in a Dignity funeral plan?

Dignity offers four different funeral plans, each with a different combination of services allowing you to choose the best option for you.

Each plan covers the following key services:

  • Funeral director services e.g. help with arranging the funeral and carrying out the funeral
  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • Hearse
  • Driver and pallbearers
  • Family viewing at the chapel of rest
  • Coffin
  • Bereavement advice and support for family members
  • Cremation fees
  • Minister or celebrant fees

Compare Dignity funeral plans

Here’s a comparison table of Dignity funeral plans and the differences between what each plan covers:

  Limited Amber Pearl Diamond
Price £3,095 £3,495 £3,850 £4,195
Choice between cremation or burial funeral Yes Yes Yes Yes
A coffin Yes. Basic Yes. Wood effect Yes. Quality wood effect Yes. High quality wood veneer
Limousine No No Yes. 1x Yes 2x
Funeral procession Directly to crematorium or burial site from home or funeral home Directly to crematorium or burial site from home or funeral home To a service location, then onto the crematorium or burial site from home or funeral home To a service location, then onto the crematorium or burial site from home or funeral home
Cremation fees Yes. Guaranteed Yes. Guaranteed Yes. Guaranteed Yes. Guaranteed
Burial fees Contribution of £1,220 Contribution of £1,220 Contribution of £1,220 Contribution of £1,220

Dignity cremations

Dignity prepaid funeral plans for cremation will guarantee to cover funeral director costs and third-party cremation costs (cremation fees and minsters fees).

However, their funeral plans won’t cover doctors’ fees (on average £164), which may need to be paid before a cremation can take place.

Cremations in Scotland no longer require doctors’ fees for medical certification to be paid.

It’s speculated that this may apply to the UK in the near future, this is why many funeral plans won’t cover this cost.

Dignity direct cremation

Dignity provides prepaid direct cremation funeral plans under the brand name ‘Simplicity Cremations’.

Plans include all the essential services for a straightforward cremation at one of the 46 Dignity owned crematoria in the UK.

A direct cremation doesn’t include a funeral service which is why it’s less expensive than a standard funeral.

Dignity burials

For burial funerals, alongside the guaranteed services of a funeral director, Dignity provides a contribution of £1,220 towards third-party burial costs.

This money can be used towards costs charged by third-party providers, such as the charge made by a minister or officiant and cemetery costs or for purchasing a plot.

This amount will rise annually in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI), meaning it will increase with inflation.

As the cost of these services may vary significantly depending on which part of the UK the funeral is held in, your plan wouldn't guarantee to cover these costs. Your family would be responsible for paying any additional amount to the nominated funeral director.

In the scenario where the contribution from the plan exceeds the burial cost, any difference will be returned to the next of kin/executors.

Dignity funeral plans payment options

Like with other funeral plans, you can choose from several payment options to help you cover the cost of a Dignity plan.

Dignity’s payment options include:

  • Pay in one single payment
  • Pay over 12 months (fee-free)
  • Pay by monthly instalments over 1 - 10 years (fees apply)

If you choose to pay over a period of more than 12 months, all the instalments must be made by your 85th birthday.

If you should pass away more than 12 months after your funeral plan start date and all your instalments are up to date then Dignity will cover your outstanding balance (Dignity Promise).

Dignity funeral plans cost

Dignity funeral plans cost from £3,095 or from £38.25 a month when spread over their maximum payment term of 10 years.

However, the amount you pay overall will depend on which plan you choose, and the level of customisation.

The Dignity Promise

If you choose to pay for your funeral plan in instalments over 1 - 10 years but pass away before your plan has been paid in full, Dignity will cover the outstanding balance.

They won't ask your loved ones to pay a penny more than you’ve already paid for all the services included in your plan.

This promise applies to all Dignity customers who take out a Limited, Amber, Pearl or Diamond plan.

You must have made at least 12 months of payments since the start date of your plan and your monthly payments must be up to date.

All funeral plans arranged through Reassured also offer this additional benefit.

Cancellation fee

If you cancel your plan within 30 days of the start date, you won’t be charged a fee.

If you choose to cancel your plan after 30 days of taking it out, a £249 cancellation fee will apply.

This fee will be taken from the amount you have already paid in and any other funds will be refunded to you.

Use our award-winning broker service today to find the most cost-effective funeral plan.

What isn’t covered in a Dignity prepaid funeral plan?

Like other funeral plans on the market, a Dignity funeral plan doesn't cover the cost of the following:

  • Doctors’ fees for medical certification
  • Embalming
  • Burial plot or headstone
  • Flowers
  • Catering
  • Return of deceased from outside of mainland Great Britain
  • Costs for removing artificial limbs/pacemakers

This list isn’t exhaustive. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your plan for further information.

Who provides Dignity funeral plans?

Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans are provided by Dignity Pre-Arrangement Limited who are part of the Dignity Funerals Group (Dignity Plc), one of the largest funeral planning companies in the UK.

Dignity has a nationwide network of owned and approved funeral directors throughout the UK.

Dignity funeral plans reviews

Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans are highly rated by their customers.

Their Diamond plan has received a 5-star Defaqto (the independent research of financial products) rating.

With their Pearl plan receiving a 4-star rating as well as their Amber and Limited plans achieving a 3-star rating.

Dignity Funeral Directors are regularly monitored for quality of service - 99.2% of families responding to Dignity’s customer survey say that they have ‘met or exceeded their expectations’[1].

In 2019 they conducted 69,400 funerals and to date have helped nearly 1 million people plan their funeral in advance.

Is it worth paying for your funeral in advance?

One of the main reasons many people take out a prepaid funeral plan is to protect their loved ones from rising funeral costs.

Funeral costs in the UK have risen much faster than inflation. In fact, between 2011 and 2019, average funeral costs increased from £2,971 to £4,202. That’s a 41% rise[2].

It’s a trend that’s been going on for a while and if this continues, it’s projected that by 2028 the average cost of a funeral in the UK could have risen to £6,206[3].

By paying for your funeral in advance you could save your loved ones money in the future, as well as protect them from the most costly elements of your funeral.

Read all about the pros and cons of prepaid funeral plans in this in-depth guide »

Compare prepaid funeral plans quotes

The best funeral plan for you will depend on what you want your plan to provide and your budget.

At Reassured we can compare a number of funeral plans on your behalf, to find you an option that best meets your needs at a cost-effective price.

All funeral plans arranged through us are done so on a non-advised basis. This means we present you with all the information about the plans available to you so that you can make an informed decision on which one to choose.

Our dedicated team can take you through the whole process and complete the application on your behalf.

We’re fully regulated and don’t charge a fee for our quotes.

Get in touch and start your journey to protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs.


*£19.11 per month pricing includes a £75 discount only available to Co-operative members and is based on a 50-year-old purchasing a Co-operative Simple Funeral Plan at £3,020 over the maximum term available of 25 years (total amount repayable £5,733.40) as of 1st March 2021

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article for Dignity Funeral Services is correct as of May 2021

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