Risky hobbies = higher premiums

Motorcross rider

Whilst thrill-seeking can be fun, it might not seem such a laugh when it comes to securing affordable life insurance.

Insurers tend to charge much higher monthly premiums for those who they consider a high risk (or impaired) because of their lifestyles.

For example, a stamp collector is statistically likely to live longer than someone who regularly skydives.

This means the skydiver will pay more for their policy cover because, from an insurers perspective, a claim is more likely.

However, whilst premiums will inevitably be higher, costs can vary significantly between insurers.

To ensure you secure the most suitable cover, for the best possible price, it’s vital to compare quotes.

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Which hobbies are considered high risk by insurers?

If you take part in extreme sports, such as base jumping or hang gliding, you probably already know that you’ll be on the insurer’s risk list.

However, some more innocuous activities, such as surfing, can also attract higher premiums.

Just some of the activities which are classed as high-risk hobbies by insurers include:

Skydiving couple



Girl deep sea diving

From the sky:

Outdoor pursuits:

If you take part in dangerous hobbies which could put you in the high-risk category, it’s a good idea to compare multiple quotes as some insurers may penalise you more than others.

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The job you do may also class you as a high risk, again resulting in paying higher monthly premiums.

By comparing quotes from the UK’s leading providers, we can help you find the cover you need at the most cost-effective price, even if you do choose to spend your weekends being a daredevil!

Starting a new risky hobby

Deciding to partake in a new risky hobby once your life insurance is already in place doesn’t invalidate your policy.

As long as you were truthful at the point of application, it’s not necessary for you to declare taking up a new, yet dangerous hobby.

However, it could still be in your benefit to inform your insurer in case it causes your death.

If you were to pass away as a result of your new hobby, your insurer could contest the claim (during the first 2 years of the policy) and your beneficiaries could risk being denied a pay out.

This is because the start date of your new hobby won’t have been documented and therefore, it could be deemed that you lied at application.

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