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Need help finding the right funeral plan for you and your family? No problem, as Reassured are here to help.

We’re an FCA-regulated broker that compares funeral plans on your behalf, free of charge.

Our award-winning comparison service can get you quick personalised quotes, saving you the time and hassle.

We also help to answer any of your questions and guide you through the process of setting up your plan.

Learn more about prepaid funeral plans by watching our short video:

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The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t affect the funeral plan you purchase today.

At the moment funeral services can go ahead as normal in the UK. However, social distancing measures and other restrictions are still in force.

If your loved ones need to redeem your plan whilst Covid restrictions are in place, then they’ll need to follow the current government guidelines.

Any concerns you have can be discussed with the plan provider directly. Or, for more information visit our funeral plans coronavirus FAQs.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a way of paying for your funeral in advance and protecting loved ones from higher funeral fees in the future.

It locks-in today’s price for the funeral services you have chosen, and guarantees to cover these when the time comes.

A funeral plan also allows you to make the necessary arrangements ahead of time, meaning less stress for your family when the funeral needs to be held.

How do funeral plans work?

Funeral plans work differently to life insurance because they guarantee to cover your funeral costs instead of providing a cash pay out.

Here’s how a funeral plan works:

  1. You choose a plan that suits your requirements and budget
  2. Pick how you want to pay, either in one single payment or in monthly payments
  3. Your money is kept safe life insurance policy or trust fund, which is managed independently from the funeral provider
  4. Make the arrangements for your send-off with your personal funeral planner, and record your funeral wishes
  5. When your funeral services are needed, your loved ones just need to make a single phone call to set things in motion
  6. Plan payments are released to the appointed funeral director so they can cover the cost

Make the most of our fee-free service to compare funeral plan prices and features, allowing you to make a fully informed decision.

How much is a funeral plan?

Funeral plans arranged through Reassured cost from as little as £3,020 in full or from £19.11* a month.

However, how much a plan costs overall depends on the level of service you choose and the plan provider.

Here’s an example of some funeral plan prices in the UK:

  Basic plans Standard plans Mid-level plans Comprehensive plans
Co-op £3,020^ £3,470 £3,870 £4,170
Dignity £3,095 £3,495 £3,850 £4,195
Avalon £3,645 £3,995 N/A £4,245
Golden Charter £3,089 £3,594 £3,949 £4,199

The information in this table was taken from the separate providers' websites and is accurate as at 19/05/2021
^Co-op prices include a discount of up to £125 available to Co-op members through Reassured

Please note, Reassured doesn't arrange funeral plans on behalf of all the providers compared above.

Flexible payment options

A funeral plan can be paid for in one single payment or in monthly payments over a set period.

You can spread the cost up to 10, 25 or 30 years depending on your age and the provider.

If you choose to pay in monthly payments for more than 24 months, there may be additional instalment fees. You’ll also need to complete all plan payments by a certain age, such as your 80th.

Get in touch with Reassured to learn more about our flexible payment options.

What does a funeral plan cover?

A funeral plan covers the key elements of a cremation or burial funeral.

Whilst each plan has a different combination of services, most will cover the following as standard:

  • Funeral director services e.g. help with arranging the funeral, care and preparation of the deceased, transport, coffin, funeral personnel etc
  • Family viewing at the chapel of rest
  • Coffin
  • Bereavement advice and support for family members

As well as these standard services, each plan will offer a certain level of cover for third-party fees.

These are:

  • Cremation or burial fees
  • Minister or celebrant fees (to lead a full-length ceremony)
  • Doctors’ fees (to sign the medical certificate)

For more information on what’s included in each of the funeral plans we offer, simply use our fee-free comparison service.

Funeral plan comparison

Funeral plan prices and features vary between providers, which is why it’s important to compare what’s on offer.

Below is a comparison of some of the UK’s largest funeral plan providers:

  Co-op Dignity Avalon Golden Leaves
How much are their plans? From £3,020 From £3,095 From £3,645 From £3,089
What's their Fairer Finance star rating? 5 stars (Gold & Silver). The only plans in the UK to receive the 5 star rating 4 stars (Amber, Diamond & Pearl) 2 stars (Standard, Plus & Premium) 2 stars (Gold and Platinum) & 1 stars (Silver & Zinc)
Are funeral director services guaranteed at today's price? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Are cremation fees covered in full or will there be a contribution towards these? Yes. Gold & Silver plans guarantee cremation fees. Limited & Bronze plans include contribution of £950 or £1,100 respectively Yes Up to £1,000 contribution towards cremation fees Yes. Silver & Gold plans guarantee cremation fees. Zinc plan includes contribution of £931
Are burial fees covered in full or will there be a contribution towards these? Yes. Gold & Silver plans guarantee burial fees. Limited & Bronze plans include contribution of £950 or £1,100 respectively £1,220 contribution towards burial fees Up to £1,000 contribution towards burial fees Contribution provided (unspecified)
Are doctors' fees covered? Yes. Gold & Silver plans only No No No
Are your funeral services guaranteed if you pass away after 12 months but before your plan has been paid in full? Yes. Co-op Commitment Yes. Dignity Promise Yes. Avalon Promise No

The information in this table was taken from the separate providers' websites and is accurate as at 19/05/2021

Co-op funeral plans

Co-op Funeralcare prepaid funeral plans can be arranged through Reassured, at no difference in cost.

Why buy a Co-op funeral plan?

  • Co-op are a highly rated and trusted plan provider with more than 1,200 funeral homes nationwide
  • Their Gold and Silver plans are 5 star rated and fully guaranteed, meaning that all essential funeral costs are covered including third-party fees
  • Co-op are different to other providers because they both plan and carry out your funeral
  • Co-op members can save up to £125 on their plans, simply provide Reassured with your membership number when buying your plan

For more information, head to our Co-op funeral plans page or make the most of our award-winning service by getting in touch.

Are funeral plans a good idea?

Funeral plans are a good idea because, unlike life insurance or savings, they can lock-in today’s prices for your final send-off.

Since 2004, the average cost of a funeral has risen 128%, reaching £4,184 in 2020.

It’s predicted that costs will continue to climb at this alarming rate.

However, with a funeral plan in place, you can have peace of mind that your family are protected from higher fees in the future.

For example…

You buy a funeral plan through Reassured today for a fixed price of £3,020.

You pass away in 15 years' time, at which point funeral costs have increased by a further 60%.

This means, your funeral plan is now worth more than £5,000.

Despite the price rises, your loved ones wouldn’t have to pay the difference.

Bearing in mind, when the time comes, they would still need to pay the going rate for some third-party fees if these aren’t included in the plan, as well as optional extras such as flowers, memorial, order sheets and so on.

Cost of funerals infographic desktop

How much does a funeral cost in your area?

Calculate the average cost of a funeral where you live. Select from the options below.

Please fill in the required fields

Average funeral cost

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Avoid rising funeral costs. Protect loved ones. Buy a funeral plan today.

This calculator uses data from the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2021 and should only be used as a guide.

Joint funeral plans

Joint funeral plans are available with some providers and allow two people (such as a married couple) to be named on a single plan.

A joint plan will only cover one funeral, for example, the funeral of the first person to pass away.

At Reassured, we believe that any couple with other family members to think of would benefit from having individual prepaid plans in place.

With prices starting from just £19.11 a month, there’s an affordable way to protect both parties.

Buy a funeral plan

There’s no need to spend hours searching for the best funeral plans and comparing prices online.

Reassured can do this on your behalf within a matter of minutes. There are just three simple steps to securing your plan through us:

  1. About You - Let us know your requirements and your budget, and we’ll find you the most suitable funeral plans
  2. Compare Plans - We compare the features and prices of each plan so that you have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision as to which is best for you
  3. Secure Your Plan - You don’t need to lift a finger as we fill in the application form and arrange for the paperwork to be sent out to you

All of this, without charging you a single penny. Get in touch for your best quotes.

Funeral plan FAQs

Who can buy a funeral plan?

Anyone over the age of 18 can buy a prepaid funeral plan through Reassured, whether that be for themselves or on behalf of someone else.

Unlike life insurance, funeral plans guarantee acceptance. This means your health or medical history doesn’t come into question.

Are funeral plans safe?

Yes, funeral plans are safe when the plan provider is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

The FPA are a self-regulated body with the purpose to protect funeral plan customers and their money.

One of their requirements is that customers’ money must be paid into an independent trust fund or whole of life insurance policy to be kept secure until the plans are redeemed.

There’ll always be enough funds to cover the cost of your funeral, even in the unlikely event that the plan provider goes out of business.

At Reassured, we only compare quotes for FPA approved funeral plans and we’re an FCA regulated service, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands all the way.

What does a funeral plan not cover?

Whilst you can have peace of mind that your key funeral costs are covered when the time comes, there are some elements that a prepaid funeral plan won’t cover as standard.

These include:

  • Flowers
  • Embalming
  • Alternative hearses
  • Funeral notices
  • Extra limousines or executive cars
  • Urn
  • Burial plot
  • Catering/wake
  • Memorial (headstone)
  • Live music

Also, some plans won’t cover the full cost of third-party fees, such as minister or celebrant fees, or doctors’ fees.

What happens if I die before my funeral plan is fully paid?

If you purchase a funeral plan through Reassured and choose to pay by instalments over 2 - 25 years, but you pass away after 12 months and before your plan has been paid in full, then your funeral will still be covered.

This ensures that your loved ones are still protected from the expense of your funeral in the case you were to pass away before finishing all your payments.

Providing all payments are up to date and your plan has been in place for at least 12 months, you’ll be eligible for this additional level of cover.

Accidental death is covered from day one of taking out a plan, as long as all payments are up to date.

Is a funeral plan better than life insurance?

Funeral plans and life insurance serve different purposes, but both can be taken out individually to cover your funeral expenses. The option that’s better for you will depend on your individual circumstances and your budget.

On the one hand, life insurance could work out more affordable each month if you’re still fairly young and healthy.

Also, the sum assured (pay out amount) could be enough to cover more than just the cost of your funeral.

On the other hand, a funeral plan could be ideal if you’re specific about the funeral you want to have and how much it should cost.

There’s also no uncertainty about how much you’ll pay because funeral plan prices are fixed.

If your budget allows, you could have both forms of protection in place simultaneously; a funeral plan to ensure your funeral is organised and paid for in advance, and a life insurance policy with a cash sum pay out.

For a more detailed comparison, head to our life insurance vs funeral plans article.


[1] SunLife (2021), Cost of Dying Report,

*£19.11 per month pricing includes a £75 discount only available to Co-operative members and is based on a 50-year-old purchasing a Co-operative Simple Funeral Plan at £3,020 over the maximum term available of 25 years (total amount repayable £5,733.40) as of 1st March 2021

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