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Funeral plans summaryFuneral plans product summary

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Compare funeral plans

Our independent, FCA registered broker service can compare multiple funeral plans on your behalf – saving you time and money.

At Reassured we only compare fully guaranteed, Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) approved funeral plans from a leading provider.

We can also provide all the information you need to make a fully informed decision as to which is your best funeral plan.

We do not charge you a fee for any of our award-winning services.

Funeral plans arranged through Reassured start from just £19.81* per month.

Contact our dedicated team today to compare funeral plan quotes and lock-in today’s rate.

Read on to learn more about funeral plans and how they work….

Freeze rising costs with a funeral planFreeze rising funeral costs with a prepaid plan

Compare Funeral Plans » Save Money

What is a funeral plan? 

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to freeze today’s price for your funeral.

You can pay for your plan upfront in full or by spreading the cost in monthly instalments.

And when the time comes, the funds will be used to pay for your funeral services.

Protecting your loved ones from the significant financial implications of your passing.

According to a 2020 report from SunLife, the average total cost of dying is now £9,493[1].

A funeral plan also gives you the opportunity to plan your own ceremony.

You will be able to decide all the details to your preference, with the support of your funeral director.

And after you pass away, your loved ones will not have to make any difficult decisions, the funeral director will take care of everything.

Unlike life insurance, funeral plans do not require acceptance.

Anyone can take out a funeral plan regardless of their health or age.

If you are in later life and/or have experienced poor health, and struggled to secure life cover, a funeral plan could be a great alternative.

Beat rising funeral costs

Many people take out a prepaid funeral plan to protect loved ones from continually rising funeral costs.

Since 2004 the average cost of a funeral in the UK has risen by an astonishing 130%.

The average cost of a basic funeral is now well over £4,000.

And it’s predicted that by 2024, average funeral costs will rise another 20%.

A funeral plan freezes rising costs because providers guarantee to carry out the agreed services no matter how much costs rise in the future.

The cost of your plan remains fixed, even if you pay by monthly instalments over several years, (however, this will incur interest).

Ultimately, a funeral plan removes the uncertainty of how much your loved ones may have to pay in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time.

Lock-in your funeral cost today with a fully guaranteed funeral plan through Reassured.

How much is a funeral plan?

At Reassured, funeral plans start from as little as £19.81*a month.

Although the cost of prepaid funeral plans varies with each provider.

That is why it is important to compare funeral plan prices.

At Reassured, we can do exactly this on your behalf, saving you time and money.

We will do our utmost to find you a funeral plan to meet your needs and match your budget.

Funeral plan - Best price guaranteeFuneral plans best price guarantee with Co-op

Compare Funeral Plans » Find Your Best Deal

Best price guarantee**

At Reassured we offer a best price guarantee on all like for like quotes.

Simply provide us with the quote from your chosen funeral plan and we will match it.

Contact us today to start your journey towards securing your funeral at today’s rate.

Our funeral plans cover third-party fees

Third-party fees are additional costs separate to those of the funeral director.

The costs can be broken down as follows, (average UK cost):

Most funeral plan providers offer only a contribution towards these expenses.

An insufficient contribution could mean your loved ones would have to make up the shortfall.

Cremation and burial fees have increased 60% in the last 10 years and this trend is set to continue.

All funeral plans arranged through Reassured guarantee to cover all third-party fees within the cost of the plan.

Saving your loved one’s money in the future.

To arrange your funeral plan and protect your loved ones against rising third-party fees, contact our team.

How do funeral plans work?

Once you have taken out your plan, there will be a local funeral director assigned to you.

Though it is possible to choose your preferred funeral director if they accept our plans.

Using the guidance and expertise of the funeral director, you will be able to make all the arrangements for your funeral in advance.

When you pass away, the funds paid into the funeral plan will be paid directly to the funeral director.

They are then responsible for carrying out all the services agreed in your plan, (as long as your payments are up to date).

For more information on funeral plans, contact our team.

Cover all third-party costs with a funeral plans from ReassuredCover all third-party costs with a prepaid funeral plan

Compare Funeral Plans » Save Time

What’s included in a funeral plan?

Included in the cost of a basic funeral plan are all these essential products and services:

Funeral plans arranged through Reassured also cover additional third-party costs:

Some providers do not cover all these costs, which can make up to 50% of the total funeral cost.

To arrange a funeral plan and ensure all third-party costs are covered, contact Reassured.

Choosing your funeral plan

There are set funeral plans available to suit a wide range of preferences.

To help you decide which funeral plan is right for you, you should consider the following:

Funeral plans are tiered to reflect different levels of service and cost.

The more you pay for your plan, the more elaborate (and flexible) the services are.

For example, a simple plan offers a basic wood-effect coffin, whilst a superior plan offers a luxury lined wood veneer coffin.

See an example of the services included in Co-op’s Simple and Gold plans (either burial or cremation) that we offer at Reassured.

What is included in our funeral plansWhat is included in our funeral plans from Co-op

All funeral plans arranged through Reassured are fully guaranteed.

This means that when the time comes, all the agreed services in your plan will be carried out with no more for your loved ones to pay.

Contact our award-winning team today to secure your free funeral plan quotes.

Funeral plan payment options

Instead of paying a fixed monthly premium, with a funeral plan there are a number of payment methods available.

Payment options include:

Please note, the funeral plan price remains fixed, but the instalment payment plan does incur interest.

To discuss the best price option to suit your needs, contact our team.

Paying by instalment plan

Funeral plans provided by Reassured guarantee to provide all of the services detailed within your plan even if you pass away before all instalments have been paid.

Providing all payments are up to date and your plan has been in place for at least 12 months, the balance of your funeral plan will be covered.

All of the services within your plan will be delivered and your family will not be required to pay another penny.

To arrange a funeral plan instalments plan, contact Reassured today.

Are funeral plans safe?

All funeral plans arranged through Reassured are FPA approved, providing you with the reassurance that your investment is safe.

When taking out an FPA approved funeral plan, you can be confident that when the time comes, you will have the funeral you paid for.

The FPA regulate funeral plan providers to ensure that certain measures are in place so that other arrangements can be made if your plan provider was unable to provide the funds for your funeral or were to go out of business.

It is important to ensure that your funeral plan is approved by the FPA, (5% of the market are not).

As mentioned, all funeral plans purchased through Reassured are FPA approved, providing you with peace of mind that your investment is safe.

Reassured is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means we must abide by their strict code of practice and uphold a standard of service for the protection of consumers in the financial services sector.

It also means that we can only provide you with fair, true and impartial information about the funeral plans we arrange.

Contact our team today for your free, impartial quotes.

Funeral plansFuneral plan

Compare Funeral Plans » Save Time

Joint funeral plans

A joint funeral plan is a single funeral plan placed in two names.

It will provide cover for one funeral, typically for the first death.

This leaves the second named person without cover, and upon their passing, loved ones would need to pay for and arrange the funeral.

At Reassured, we believe that anyone with a family would benefit from having a funeral plan.

This is why we provide funeral plans for individual applicants only, offering comprehensive protection for your loved ones.

Funeral plans vs life insurance

Frequently the terms funeral plan and life insurance are used interchangeably, however, they are significantly different products – each with benefits.

The main benefit of a funeral plan is that it allows you to pay for your funeral at today’s rate.

Unlike some life insurance policies, the amount you pay for a funeral plan is fixed – you know exactly how much you will pay from the outset.

Read our in-depth article on the pros and cons of a funeral plan »

Life insurance on the other hand commonly provides a much higher level of cover.

Upon your death, your loved ones are provided with a lump sum pay out.

A life insurance pay out could be used for full mortgage repayment, clearing debts, covering family living costs or providing an inheritance.

Whilst the sum from a life insurance policy could also be used to cover the cost of a funeral, it will mean that you will be paying the going rate at the time of death.

It is possible to arrange both life insurance and a funeral plan simultaneously…

Not necessarily a funeral plan or a life policy

Taking out a funeral plan and life insurance policy simultaneously can mean securing today’s funeral price, whilst also providing your family with a cash sum.

Obviously, this full life/funeral insurance solution is subject to your budget.

Remember, as you approach retirement your available budget is likely to change, so it is sensible to consider your long-term plan.

As the UK’s largest life insurance broker, we are able to provide you with both personalised funeral plan and life insurance quotes.

Simply get in touch with our award-winning team to discuss your options.

Buy a funeral plan

At Reassured, we will provide you with a range of funeral plan quotes as well as all the information you need to make an informed decision.

All funeral plans purchased through Reassured are fully regulated by the FPA ensuring that you and your money are protected.

Our award-winning, FCA registered broker service is completely free of charge for you to use.

Get in touch to compare funeral plans quotes, secure your plan and protect your loved ones.

Compare Funeral Plans » Find Your Perfect Plan

*Equated to a £165 discount only available to Co-op members. Based on a 50 year old purchasing a Simple Funeral Plan at £3,295 with 25 years payment term.

**Only available through our Co-op funeral plans. Doesn’t apply to the 2-25 year instalment payment plan.



Our providers

At Reassured, we will provide you with quotes from Co-op funeral care, as well as any information required regarding the best funeral plans.

This allows you to make a fully informed decision.

All of the funeral plans we provide are fully regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) ensuring you and your money are protected.