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Life Insurance

What is life insurance?

Life insurance (sometimes referred to as ‘life assurance’) pays your dependents a cash lump sum, or sometimes a regular payment if you die during the policy term. It can also pay out if you become critically or terminally ill.

It is designed to provide you (the policyholder) with the reassurance and peace of mind that should the worst happen, your dependents would be financially protected.

The monetary amount paid out to your beneficiaries depends on the level of cover purchased. You decide how it is paid out and whether the sum assured needs to cover specific payments, such as paying off the mortgage.

Protect what is precious to you with life cover

Perhaps you are thinking about taking out life insurance for the first time after the death of a relative, the onset of illness or a landmark birthday – anything that has made you feel just a little bit more mortal.

All kinds of incidents remind us that the world can be a dangerous place, that life is precious and should be protected.

But finding the right life insurance cover can be daunting. We hear many stories from people who find the whole experience so overwhelming that they do not see things through and their families suffer for it later.

Our aim is to make your life insurance experience as easy, affordable and hassle-free as possible.

Life insurance is a most for people with dependants

Benefits of life insurance

Life insurance helps ensure that the people closest to you are taken care of after you are gone. It helps reassure all of you that, should the worst happen, everything’s going to be okay.

The people you have asked for the money to be paid out to can use it as they wish. Common uses include paying off a mortgage, meeting funeral costs and day-to-day living expenses.

If a feeling of vulnerability makes you consider life insurance, taking it out brings peace of mind and a sense of security for both you, the policyholder, and your family.

We believe making long-term provisions for your partner, children and loved ones is a heroic act – the act of someone who truly cares about those they might leave behind.

Important things to consider when choosing your life insurance policy:

The above are also some of the key factors that influence the price you pay for your life cover, (known as your premium).

Use our Reassured website to learn more about the different types of life insurance available, including mortgage protection, family protection, over 50s, critical illness and impaired risk.

The best way to secure the best policy at the right price is to compare multiple quotes or use the services of a broker to do this for you.

If you feel you require more help finding the perfect life insurance policy, call our friendly Reassured team on 0808 168 2025, or Start Your Quote online today – it only takes 2 minutes.