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Impaired Life Insurance

What is impaired life insurance?

If you have ever heard the term ‘impaired risk’, or ‘impaired life’, in relation to life insurance, you might wonder what it means?

More importantly, if you are classified as impaired risk, you will want to know what impact this has on you securing affordable life insurance.

Impaired risk refers to an applicant who does not meet the insurer’s ‘standard‘ criteria to obtain the most affordable rate. Impaired, signifies that you are considered a higher risk and therefore more difficult to insure.

Impaired life insurance

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If you are regarded as impaired, the insurer has decided that because of certain key factors, often health-related, you are more likely to make a claim.

As a result of being deemed a higher risk, your life insurance premiums will be more expensive compared with a standard applicant with comparable coverage.

Impaired life insurance cover in summary:

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