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Over 50s Life Insurance

What is over 50s life insurance?

Over 50s life insurance, as the name suggests, is a life insurance policy specially designed to meet the unique needs of people aged 50 and over.

It is sometimes referred to as ‘over 50s life cover’ or an ‘over 50s plan’.

You pay in a fixed, monthly premium that you can afford and the policy will pay out a fixed, cash lump sum to your beneficiaries, on death.

50 is often the age when your mortgage is largely paid off, the children have left home and well-paid management jobs are secured. However, you may need life cover that reflects these changing circumstances.

Over 50s policies are a form of whole of life cover and therefore are guaranteed to pay out when you die. This is sometimes called ‘life assurance’ – as a pay out is assured at some point.

In contrast, a traditional term life insurance policy, provides cover for a set period of time, (the term). Although these policies tend to pay out much larger sums.

Over 50s life insurance

The benefits of an over 50s plan:

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Why might you want over 50s life cover?

People choose to take out over 50s cover for a variety of reasons. From our experience at Reassured, common reasons include:

The cost of over 50s life insurance?

Another common reason to take out an over 50s policy is cost. Although you can pay more, many choose to pay just a few pounds each month, making cover very affordable.

Once you pass 50, getting standard life cover can become very expensive, as statistically you are more likely to die during the policy.

There could also be restrictions on the length of the term an insurer is willing to protect you. As a result, an over 50s plan could be the best option.

Over 50s cover with no medical exam

When you take out life insurance, many insurers will want to know about your current health, before they agree to insure you.

Many providers do this via a medical exam, which will check things like blood pressure, weight, medical history and general fitness.

However, most over 50s plans do not require a medical, which can be very beneficial if you have existing medical conditions or are in poor health.

An example scenario:

Derek is a 55-year-old lorry driver in poor health. He is severely overweight and recently suffered a heart attack.

He has 3 children, all in their 20s, who he does not want to burden if the worst were to happen. He has little in the way of savings.

His recent health scare has made Derek think seriously about the future and what he would leave behind. However, because he represents a high risk for insurers, he is unable to secure traditional life cover, at an affordable price.

He decides his best option is to take out an over 50s life insurance plan; there was no medical or health questions on the application and he was able to set his premiums at a rate he could afford.

Because Derek fears he might not live into his 70s/80s, he feels an over 50s plan represents the best value, as he is unlikely to pay in more than the policy pays out.

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Over 50s plans are not always suitable

It is important to remember there is a chance, especially if you have just turned 50 and are in good health, that you could pay more in than the policy will pay out.

So, depending on your individual circumstances, traditional term cover or a whole of life policy may represent better value for money.

See this great tool from life insurance provider Aviva, that helps estimate your life expectancy

Waiting periods

Having no medical and being over 50, makes you ‘higher risk’ and consequently insurers will employ ‘waiting periods’ at the beginning of the policy.

Over 50s policies will not pay out within the first 12 or 24 months (depending on the insurer) – this is known as the waiting period.

During this time you will, however, receive a full accidental death benefit. So, if you die as a result of an accident, you could get up to 3 times the assured sum – (exclusions apply).

If you do die during the initial waiting period (of natural causes), the amount you have paid in will be returned to your beneficiaries.

After the waiting period has expired, there are no exclusions and you are fully covered.

Write your over 50s life insurance in trust

In life insurance terms, a trust is simply a legal arrangement designed to ensure that the pay out from your policy is distributed as you intended.

The policy is looked after by a trustee until the time comes for the benefit to be released to your beneficiaries.

Because the policy has been written in trust to the trustee/s, the proceeds avoid forming part of your legal estate.

The key benefits of writing your policy into trust are:

Fix your premiums

Taking out life insurance in your 50s is a great idea.

By securing your policy now, you will be able to lock in your premium at today’s rate. However, leaving it until you reach your 60s or 70s will mean significantly higher premiums.

If you have developed a serious illness in later life, you might struggle to be accepted onto a standard life policy.

Over 50s life insurance in summary:



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