Can you get life insurance if you’re disabled?

Yes, fortunately, it’s possible in 2019 to secure life insurance if you have a disability.

Even if you’ve previously been declined or struggled to find affordable life cover in the past, there are options available to you.

Factors such as the severity of your disability and the impact it has on your life expectancy are key influencers.

Although rest assured, those with disabilities are able to obtain cover, some on standard terms.

This article identifies the key considerations if you’re disabled and want life insurance.

Life insurance for disabled peopleLife insurance cover for the disabled

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Equality Act 2010

As a result of the Equality Act 2010, insurers aren’t allowed to discriminate against you just for being disabled.

Under this legislation, which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, a disability is classified as ‘a physical or mental condition which has a long-term and substantial effect on your daily life‘.

But, before we discuss how best to go about securing life insurance if you’re disabled, let’s look at some UK statistics…

Why might you need life insurance?

If you happen to be disabled, you’ll probably require life cover for the same reason anyone else does.

This need is generally heightened if you’ve children who rely on you and/or have a mortgage.

Life insurance protection allows you to:

The affordability of life insurance

On average, living costs if you’re disabled are a staggering £570 more each month[1].

When you also consider that many disabled people are unable to work and some are having their government funding cut, it’s easy to see why many don’t think they can afford life insurance.

But by comparing multiple quotes it’s very possible to secure a lower monthly premium.

The severity of your disability

As with most aspects of life insurance, no two scenarios are ever the same.

Disabilities come in many forms, some very severe which affect your life expectancy; others, more minor which don’t affect your ability to work or live an active life.

Sometimes people are born with their disability, whilst others are as a result of a serious accident.

Either way, in the majority of cases you should be able to secure life insurance.

Disability is often seen much like other pre-existing medical conditions in the eyes of the insurer.

In fact, an insurer can only reject your application if they can prove that your disability affects your life expectancy.

That said, the severity and type of disability you have will impact the type and cost of life insurance you’re able to secure.

You’re also likely to experience an increase to your premiums if you’re on steroid based or other strong medications.

Impaired services for disabled peopleImpaired risk services for the disabled

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Insurers don’t view all disabled applicants in the same way

Insurance providers employ different criteria to determine the level of risk you pose.

Underwriting processes can actually differ significantly between insurers.

For example, one insurer may deem your disability significantly more high risk, than another.

Because of these differences in approach, the cost of your monthly premiums may vary.

Again, our award-winning brokerage can help you source the best available quotes, (at no cost).

Every applicant is unique

Whether you’re registered disabled or not each and every one of us is unique.

What this means is insurers must evaluate each and every life insurance application on its’ own merit.

Disability can take many many different forms:

An FCA registered broker, such as Reassured, can support you with your application, regardless of your impairment.

We can also use our extensive industry knowledge to direct you towards the most suitable insurers.

We have a dedicated in-house impaired risk team, who work tirelessly to find non-standard applicants the right policy.

Life insurance for disabled seniors

Another option, if you’re aged between 50-80 is an over 50 plan, which guarantees acceptance and asks no medical questions.

If you enjoy cover through your employer, like death in service or group life insurance, this could also provide a layer of protection.

Remember though, if you leave your employment this employee benefit will not travel with you.

Does life insurance payout for disability?

Whilst your life insurance won’t pay out if you become disabled you could receive an early pay out if you have critical illness cover included.

Critical illness can come in the form of a standalone policy, or as part of a life insurance policy.

If you’ve become permanently disabled as the result of a serious accident or illness and have critical illness cover you can make a claim.

The proceeds from a pay out could be used as you wish, such as to clear your mortgage and/or meet future living costs.

If you’re no longer able to work, these funds could prove invaluable for you and your family to replace a lost income.

Life insurance for veterans on disability

If you’re a former member of our Armed Services and been injured in action, it’s still possible to secure life insurance.

However, again, the severity of your disability will determine how easy cover it is to secure and how much your premiums will cost.

Our in-house impaired team have a proud history of working with military veterans and helping them secure suitable cover.

Disability life insurance quotes

As with all types of life insurance, it’s imperative that you compare multiple quotes, as prices vary.

Our dedicated impaired team can help you find the right cover, even if you’ve previously been declined.

We’re here to help you secure the financial future of your loved ones and will search both the major insurers and smaller specialists.

And the best bit is our award-winning broker service is completely free to use.

Why not challenge us to find you the best disability life insurance quotes today?

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