Key stats to consider when arranging your life insurance

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Life insurance is seen by some as an unnecessary monthly outgoing, but for many, it’s essential in securing the future financial stability of loved ones.

However, it doesn’t have to be a significant monthly outgoing. There are a number of things YOU can do to save on life insurance, keeping your monthly premiums low.

When arranging your life insurance policy be smart and don’t pay over the odds.

Here are our the top 5 tips:

Don't take out too much life coverDon't take out too much life insurance cover

Don’t take out too much cover

Generally speaking, the shorter the policy term, the cheaper the monthly premium.

Therefore, it’s important to consider what you’re looking to protect and ensure the term length is appropriate.

For example, you may want your life insurance term to align with your mortgage, securing what’s probably your largest asset. Or perhaps until the children have left home and are financially independent.

A higher pay out sum, usually means paying higher premiums.

It’s important to find the right balance between having enough cover so that your loved ones aren’t exposed, but not too much cover, so that the cost is unnecessarily high.

Think about how much you have left on your mortgage, the cost of family living costs and any personal debt you may have. Ideally, your policy pay out should cover all this.

Please note: Some employers offer group life insurance (or death in service). If you enjoy this employee benefit you may be able to trim the cost of your own life insurance accordingly. (Remember if you change your employer you could lose this benefit).

Live a healthy life to reduce premiumsLive a healthy life to reduce your premiums

Live a healthier lifestyle

Your overall health directly affects the amount you pay, therefore, the healthier you are, the lower your monthly premium.

For example, being both overweight and a smoker significantly increases the cost of monthly premiums due to the associated health risks.

Therefore, losing weight or quitting smoking, can reduce the cost.

To be classed a non-smoker with regards to life insurance, you must not have smoked or used nicotine replacement products in the past 12 months.

Alcohol consumption is also taken into account when calculating your monthly premium, so cutting down on your intake can also have a positive effect.

Joint life insuranceJoint life insurance cover

Consider a joint life insurance policy

Taking out joint life insurance requires you to pay one monthly premium, instead of two.

As a result, it’s usually cheaper than taking out two single policies – offering a significant saving over the entire policy term.

One thing to be wary of, however, is that joint life insurance only pays out once. Whereas two single policies offer two separate pay outs.

This means that the remaining partner is left either having to obtain a new policy whilst older (which is likely to bring with it increased premiums) or risk being uncovered.

Therefore, the suitability of joint life insurance is dependent on your individual circumstances and coverage you require.

Take life insurance when your youngTake life insurance when young

Secure life insurance cover whilst young

As a general rule, the younger you are when you take out life insurance, the cheaper the premium.

This is due to the increased risk of health implications as you age.

Taking out life insurance in your 20’s and early 30’s is ideal as health risks are still considered relatively low.

This will allow you to lock in super low monthly premiums, possibly for many many years. Offering very affordable cover protection.

FCA registered life insurance brokerFCA registered broker

Use an FCA registered broker

The reality is, insurers do offer similar levels of cover but at very different prices.

To ensure you get the right policy, at the very best price, it’s best to shop around and compare multiple quotes.

However, this can be a time consuming, and often frustrating, process. You could use a comparison site, but remember they do not include all providers.

Using an FCA registered life insurance broker, like Reassured, can ensure you save time and secure the best deal.

(Our no-obligation service is completely FREE to use).

Complete our simple online form today and let us get to work searching the market on your behalf.

An endowment policy combines life insurance with a savings plan

When saving plans and life insurance are discussed, people are commonly referring to endowment policies.

Largely speaking this type of policy has been replaced by ISAs but it’s still possible to put this type of investment in place, (although unlikely with the majority of mainstream insurers).

Each month you make payments and a certain percentage of this premium covers the cost of your life insurance, whilst the rest is invested.

The typical period for an endowment policy is 10 years+ and it’s often used to save for a significant financial goal or to pay off an interest-only mortgage.

At the end of a set period, a guaranteed pay out will be made, although this may be less than the amount paid-in, dependant on the performance of your investment.

If you die during the term of the endowment policy, a lump sum pay out will be made taking into account the current state of your investment.

A minimum lump sum is usually guaranteed but the overall pay out sum is determined by the performance of your investment, which is dependant on market conditions.

Typically, you’ll receive a bonus added to the value of your policy each year your policy is in place.

Whilst it’s possible to access the funds before the end of the term, this is often not an easy process and there are usually high charges and penalties incurred.

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