There’s no denying how popular hybrid working has become in the last year. From getting those few extra minutes of sleep in the morning to avoiding a packed commute, there’s a lot to love about working from home.

But let’s face it, staring at the same four walls every day can get tiring fast. So, it’s no wonder most hybrid workers pick out a couple of their favourite cafes, coffee shops, and co-working spaces as their preferred places to knuckle down and start typing.

And this doesn’t just mean sticking to your home city. From Istanbul to Berlin, most major cities across Europe are more than equipped for you to work out of the office. Which begs the question; which is the best European city for hybrid working?

Using a variety of online data, the team at Reassured analysed numerous major European cities, accounting for the number of free Wi-Fi spots, co-working spaces, the daily renting rate, and most importantly, the average cost of a coffee.

Having analysed and compared this data, we can now reveal the 20 best cities in Europe for working away from the office...

Cheapest cities for hybrid working desktop

The top 5 best cities in Europe for hybrid working

Although all of the cities on our list are great places to work from, there are some that are much better equipped for mobile worker than others.

1. Istanbul

A city oozing with rich culture and architecture, it’s no wonder the capital of Turkey took the number one spot on our list.

Besides fantastic city vistas and a bustling work environment, Istanbul boasts an astounding 59,176 free Wi-Fi spots! That’s 45,000 more than any other city on our list.

Combine this with a cheap coffee price of just €1.73 and a daily renting cost of €69.36 for accommodation and you have a city that can accommodate any hybrid worker.

In fact, the only area Istanbul falls down in is its number of co-working spaces, with just 45. But with all those free Wi-Fi spots, this isn’t really an issue.

2. Sofia

For an inexpensive daily renting rate, look no further than Sofia.

The capital of Bulgaria might not have the most free Wi-Fi spots or co-working spaces, with just 4,443 and 48 respectively, but the cheap price of coffee and work spaces more than makes up for this.

A Bulgarian coffee is set to only cost you €1.75, and their rented spaces cost just €48.96 for the day!

Considering how beautiful Sofia is, these are simply added bonuses on top of an incredible city experience.

3. London

Following closely behind Sofia and Istanbul is the capital of the UK.

Awash in a staggering 886 co-working spaces, London is the place to be if you want a social working experience in the heart of a historic city.

London’s free Wi-Fi spots are nothing to be sniffed at either, with 12,520 spread out across the city, and while the daily renting rate is high at €188.70, the sheer volume of accommodation available means you’ll have no trouble finding somewhere affordable; just be prepared to pay more than €3.50 for a coffee.

4. Budapest

The second Balkan capital to make our list, Budapest shares many of the same great features as Sofia but is a little pricier.

That being said, the average cup of Hungarian coffee is still only €1.61 and daily renting will cost you around €85.68.

Budapest also has a few extra Wi-Fi spots than Sofia, with 5,335, as well as 59 co-working spaces; it really is just the increased price point that prevents Budapest from being any higher on our list.

5. Zagreb

Last, but not least, we have the capital of Croatia.

A bit of a surprise given Zagreb’s minimal co-working spaces - there are just 10 throughout the entire city - and with only 2,812 free Wi-Fi spots, price is once again the deciding factor in Zagreb’s favour.

A cup of coffee from Zagreb will cost you an average of just €1.76 and daily rent for accommodation is just €71.40, which isn’t bad considering all the exciting tourist hotspots you can visit on your lunch break.

Other great European cities for hybrid working

It’s clear from our data that low prices are certainly a determining factor in the friendliest hybrid working cities. But if price isn’t a factor, where else can you go?

Germany is certainly a popular option, with Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Berlin all landing a spot in our top 20 list.

While the average cup of coffee in Germany is around €3, and free Wi-Fi spots are somewhat lacking outside of Berlin, their relatively cheap daily renting cost and the sheer volume of things to do in Germany more than makes up for this.

You may also want to consider Rome and Milan for the very best in Italian coffee, as well as some incredible culture, or Paris and Brussels for that quintessential European café experience.

In fact, you’re bound to enjoy any of the top 20 cities on our list for the brilliant variety of experiences they offer.


Of course, while hybrid working is great, it is still important to ensure you have the necessary financial protection in place.

This should by no means put you off hybrid working remotely, but if you want true peace of mind, then you might want to consider taking out income protection insurance within the country in which you reside.

Designed to cover lost earnings if you suddenly find yourself unable to work due to injury or illness, income protection can ensure you have the necessary funds to maintain your current lifestyle and cover living costs.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more or visit the Reassured blog for more insightful articles like this one.

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