Aviva income protection

As one of the UK’s largest insurers, Aviva offer an array of financial services, including income protection insurance.

Income protection is an insurance policy which can pay out a percentage of your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury.

But how does Aviva income protection differ from other providers?

In this in-depth guide we’ll explore the options offered by Aviva to help you establish whether they’re the right choice.

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Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Aviva income protection…

Who are Aviva?

Established in 1696, you may remember Aviva as Norwich Union before their official re-branding in 2009.

Aviva now operate internationally and have helped over 18.5 million people across their key markets (the UK, Ireland and Canada).

You may also know Aviva from their life insurance offerings, as well as their home and car insurance.

Is Aviva income protection worth it?

Aviva offer flexible policies which can help to meet a range of needs and circumstances.

Ultimately whether Aviva income protection is worth it for you will depend on if the cover they offer meets your needs.

Key benefits of Aviva income protection:

  • Available to applicants aged 18 - 59
  • Up to 65% of your usual income could be paid out or you have the option to choose a benefit amount between £500 - £1,500 (regardless of your income)
  • Both short term and long term options available
  • Policies come with a range of benefits (such as back to work support, Aviva Digicare+, life changes benefit and much more)
  • Special policy features for NHS workers
  • In 2022, Aviva paid out 94.3% of all income protection claims[1]

You’ll also benefit from being covered by one of the UK’s largest insurers and a trusted household name.

One way to establish whether a provider is worth it is to look at their customer reviews…

Why not read our Aviva life insurance review for more information on other Aviva products?

Aviva income protection reviews

Overall, Aviva income protection is rated well by their customers.

The Aviva income protection+ policy is rated 5 stars on Defaqto, the highest possible rating. With the living costs protection policy being rated as 3 stars.

Furthermore, across all products, Aviva are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with a 4.3 star rating.

Aviva are also accredited by The Good Shopping Guide.

What is Aviva income protection insurance?

Aviva income protection is a policy that can pay out a percentage of your income if you can’t work due to illness or injury.

This can help you keep up with essential living costs and monthly financial commitments while you’re off work.

The monthly payments from an income protection policy could help to cover:

  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Household bills
  • Daily living expenses (such as the food shop)
  • Childcare costs
  • Debt or loan payments (such as credit cards or car finance payments)
  • Transportation
  • Leisure expenses

How much Shepherds Friendly income protection insurance do you need?

By simply entering the required fields into the calculator, you will be provided with the amount of Shepherds Friendly income protection you may require:


£723 a month is the average monthly mortgage payment in the UK, with the average monthly rental price coming in at £700.

The majority of our monthly income will go towards rental or mortgage payments.

For this reason, it’s essential to have precautions in place to ensure you could keep up to date with your payments if you weren’t receiving your usual income.

Monthly income protection payments can help to cover this large expense and ensure you can stay in your home.


According to the Money Advice Service, the average household spends £340 a month on household bills.

This includes electricity, gas, TV and broadband.


Childcare costs are on the rise with it now costing £137.69 per week for part-time nursery for a child under the age of two.

That’s over £550 per month - is this an amount you’d be able to keep up with if you were unable to work?

Becoming ill could also result in the need for additional childcare while you attend doctors’ appointments or medical treatment.


The average household in the UK spends around £97 a week on their food shop, totaling £388 a month.

While this may seem like a small amount in comparison to some of the other expenses mentioned, the food shop is often where we try to scrimp and save when we fall on hard times.

Income protection can take care of the cost of your weekly food shop, as well as many other essential costs.


At the beginning of 2020, credit card debt in the UK was at £2.1 billion, with almost 27 million UK residents in some kind of debt.

Becoming unable to work could make it hard to keep up with credit card or loan payments (including car finance or other financed goods).

Failure to keep up with payments could result in additional interest being incurred or late fees issues - resulting in a higher total needing to be paid.


The average spent on public transport each month comes to an average of £94.

This includes the cost of public transport, as well as petrol and diesel vehicles.

While this amount may reduce while you’re unable to work as you won’t need to commute there may be additional spending on public transportation if your illness or injury leaves you unable to drive.


Your total cover estimate

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How does Aviva income protection work?

An Aviva income protection policy works by paying out a monthly income to help replace lost earnings while you’re unable to work.

The policy will pay out for illness and injury but won’t cover you for unemployment (including redundancy).

You’ll receive monthly (tax-free) payments until you recover and can return to work, your payment period comes to an end, your policy expires or you retire (which ever happens first).

To get a better understanding of how Aviva income protection works, it’s important to look through the policy terms and conditions.

Aviva income protection policy conditions are as follows:

Terms and conditionsWhat does this mean?
Monthly benefitThis is how much will be paid out to you on a monthly basis. When taking out cover through Aviva, this will depend on which policy type you take out.
  • Living costs protection - You can choose a sum between £500 - £1,500 (regardless of your income)
  • Income protection+ - Up to 65% of the first £60,000 you earn plus 45% of what you earn above £60,000 (up to maximum of £24,000 per year or £20,000 per month)
Policy termThis is how long your policy will last. Policies through Aviva can have a minimum term of 5 years and a maximum term of 52 years. Your policy must cease by the time you reach 71 years old.
Payment periodThis is how long you’ll receive payments for when making a claim. With Aviva, this will depend on which policy type you take out.
  • Living costs protection - Short term up to a maximum of 12 months
  • Income protection+ - Short term up to a maximum of 24 months or long term up until the policy comes to an end (full-term)
Deferred periodThis is the period of time which must pass in order for your payments to commence. An income protection policy won’t pay out to you straight away. You’ll still need to be unable to work once your deferred period has ended for your payments to start. Aviva deferred periods include:
  • Living costs protection - 4, 8, 13 or 26 weeks
  • Income protection+ - 4, 8, 13 or 26, 52 or 104 weeks
Definition of incapacityThis will outline what makes you eligible to make a claim. Aviva income protection policies come with an own occupation definition. This means you can claim if you’re unable to do your own job.
Premium typeThis is how you will pay for your cover. You’ll need to pay a premium each month to keep your cover valid. Premiums through Aviva are guaranteed (meaning they won’t change unless you make changes to your policy). However, the Aviva income protection+ policy can also come with reviewable premiums.

When using the help of an expert broker, like Reassured, you’ll have a helpful member of the team on hand to explain any policy details you’re unsure of.

They can also guide you through the whole application and answer any questions you might have along the way. Simply get in touch.

What Aviva income protection options are there?

There are two policy options available when taking out income protection through Aviva:

  1. Aviva living costs protection (their standard, simplified option)
  2. Aviva income protection+ (their more comprehensive offering)

Which one is right for you will ultimately depend on your personal circumstances and available budget.

Below is a summary of each policy offered by Aviva:

Aviva living costs protection

Aviva living costs protection key features

  • Choose a monthly benefit between £500 - £1,500 (regardless of your income)
  • You must be working at least 16 hours per week to be eligible for this policy
  • Policy term can be 5 - 52 years
  • Cover must cease by age 71
  • Maximum payment period up to 12 months per claim
  • Premiums are guaranteed (remain the same)
  • Deferred periods include 4, 8, 13 and 26 weeks
  • Includes additional benefits such as life change benefit, waiver of premiums and back to work benefit

The Aviva living costs protection policy takes a simplified approach to income protection.

Rather than basing your monthly benefit on your income, you have the option to choose an amount that best meets your needs.

This could be any sum between £500 - £1,500 per month, regardless of your income.

This amount will remain fixed throughout the policy lifetime, unless you make changes to your policy.

You’ll have the option to make changes (such as increasing your cover amount) during the policy term to keep up with ever changing needs.

The policy will pay out to you on a short term basis (up to a maximum of 12 months per claim).

This could be a single 12 month period or a combination of shorter periods, totalling 12 months.

Aviva income protection is available through Reassured.

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Income protection aviva

Aviva income protection+ key features

  • Benefit amount up to 65% of the first £60,000 you earn plus 45% of what you earn above £60,000 (up to maximum of £24,000 per year or £20,000 per month)
  • You must be working or self-employed to be eligible for this policy
  • Policy term can be 5 - 52 years
  • Cover must cease by age 71
  • Payment period can be full term or limited (up to a maximum of 24 months per claim)
  • Premiums are guaranteed (remain the same) or reviewable (could change over time)
  • Deferred periods include 4, 8, 13, 26, 52, 104 weeks
  • Includes additional benefits such as special arrangements for NHS workers, hospitalisation benefit and trauma benefit

Aviva income protection+ provides a more comprehensive solution.

This is because, depending on your earnings, you could secure a larger monthly benefit.

The amount paid out to you will be based on your earnings and will be up to 65% of the first £60,000 of your earnings and 45% on anything above £60,000.

The amount paid out to you will be based on how much you earned in the 12 months before you were incapacitated.

You’ll have the option to choose a full term payment period (this could pay out to you until the end of the policy) or limited payment period (this could pay out to you for a maximum of 24 months per claim).

You can also choose whether your benefit remains level (stays the same) or increases.

With increasing cover you have three options. Your benefit amount could increase based on retail prices index (RPI), increase by 3% on each anniversary or increase by 5% on each anniversary).

Your premiums will also increase along with your new cover amount.

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What questions are asked on the Aviva income protection application form?

You’ll need to answer questions about your health, lifestyle and occupation when taking out cover through Aviva.

For example, this can include (but isn’t limited to) questions about:

  • Your age
  • Your current health & wellbeing
  • Your medical history
  • Your smoking status
  • Your alcohol consumption
  • Your BMI
  • Your job role
  • Your earnings

This information will be used to assess the level of risk you pose and your monthly premium will be calculated accordingly.

You’ll need to provide accurate information when answering these questions.

If it’s found that you withheld or were dishonest about certain information your policy could become invalid.

Being untruthful on your application is known as ‘non-disclosure’ and is a form of insurance fraud.

How long does Aviva income protection last?

With Aviva income protection, your policy term can be a minimum of 5 years up to a maximum of 52 years. Your cover must cease by the age of 71.

In terms of how long Aviva will pay out to you, this will depend on the payment period of your policy.

With an Aviva living costs policy, you could receive payments for a maximum of 12 months (either as a single claim, or multiple claims that total 12 months).

With an Aviva income protection+ policy, you could receive payments for up to 24 months (limited payment period) or until the end of the policy term (full term payment period).

Compare Aviva income protection through Reassured to find the most suitable policy for your needs.

What does Aviva income protection pay out for?

Aviva income protection can pay out for illness and injury that prevents you from doing your job.

This can provide you with much needed financial support during a difficult time and could reduce the need for you to borrow from others or make cutbacks to your life.

In 2022, the most common reasons Aviva paid out for were:

A friendly member of the Reassured team can help you understand your policy to provide you with peace of mind that it’s right for your needs.

How to make an Aviva income protection claim?

To make an income protection claim, you’ll need to contact Aviva directly on 0800 158 3105. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday from 08:30 - 17:00.

You’ll need to provide details so that your claim can be assessed. This includes:

  • Policy number
  • Contact number
  • Your occupation
  • Reason for claiming
  • Medical information (from your GP)
  • Proof of salary before you were off work

It’s also possible to make a claim online with Aviva’s online claim form.

While you can’t make a claim through Reassured, a friendly member of the team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.

Aviva income protection claims statistics

In 2022, 94.3% of all new and existing income protection claims were paid by Aviva. This totalled more £50 million[1].

Claims statistics can help to give an indication of how likely it is for a provider to pay out.

This could help you to form your decision on whether to secure cover through a certain provider or not.

Aviva have consistently had a high pay out rate over the last few years.

Does Aviva income protection have arrangements for NHS doctors, surgeons, nurses and midwives?

Yes, the Aviva income protection+ policy includes policy features that meet the needs of NHS medical professionals.

This includes a special sick pay arrangement which can align your payments with your NHS sick pay schedule.

If you choose a 52 week deferred period, your income protection payments will start as soon as your sick pay stops or reduces (regardless of when this happens).

This can help you to ‘top up’ your sick pay when you start receiving half pay or when your sick pay ends.

The table below shows how Aviva income protection can work in line with your NHS sick pay scheme:

Length of serviceFull sick pay periodHalf sick pay periodPartial benefit from income protection+Full benefit from income protection+
0 - 1 years1 month2 monthMonths 2 and 3Month 4 onwards
1 - 2 years2 month2 monthMonths 3 and 4Month 5 onwards
2 - 3 years4 month4 monthMonths 5 - 8Month 9 onwards
3 - 4 years5 month5 monthMonths 6 - 10Month 11 onwards
4 - 5 years6 month6 monthMonths 7 - 12Month 13 onwards
5+ years6 month6 monthMonths 7 - 12Month 13 onwards


Other features available to NHS workers include:

  • Sabbatical cover - You could still be covered if you take time off to study, travel or spend time raising your family. If you need to claim during one of these periods, you’ll be covered for a maximum of 12 months
  • Overseas cover - If you decide to work abroad in certain countries, you could still be covered. Countries covered include North America, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. If you’re working outside of the NHS, sick pay cover would no longer apply
  • No needlestick exclusions - As needle-stick injuries are a common occupational hazard for NHS staff, any condition (such as HIV or hepatitis) will be included in your cover

We have a full income protection for doctors’ guide for more information »

How do I cancel my Aviva income protection policy?

You can cancel your Aviva income protection policy at any time by contacting Aviva directly.

If you cancel within the first 30 days, any premiums you’ve paid will be refunded. Cancelling any time after this will result in no refund being given.

Once your policy has been cancelled, you’ll no longer be covered and you won’t be able to make a claim.

If your cover no longer meets your needs, or the premiums become too expensive, it could be possible to make changes to your policy in order to make it more suitable to your new circumstances.

Aviva income protection policy benefits

Both income protection policies offered by Aviva come with additional features and benefits.

BenefitDescriptionIncluded in living costs protection?Included in income protection+?
Back to work benefitIf your work hours or duties have been restricted due to illness or injury, Aviva will pay you a sum of money. Icon green tick
(Payment will be equal to one month’s benefit)
Icon green tick
(Payment will be calculated using the percentage reduction in your earnings)
Waiver of premiumsAfter a successful claim has been made, Aviva will pay your premiums after 13 weeks or at the end of your deferred period (whatever is soonest). Icon green tick Icon green tick
Life change benefitThis can allow you to change your cover amount to meet new circumstances. Your policy must have been in place for at least 6 months to be eligible for this benefit and you can use it as many times as necessary before the age of 55. Icon green tick
(Minimum increase £100 per month and maximum increase either 2x your original benefit or £1,500 per month)
Icon green tick
(Increase benefit by up to 50% of your original benefit or £9,000 per year, whichever is lower)
Hospital benefitIf you’re hospitalised for 6 or more consecutive nights during your deferred period Aviva will pay £100 for each night for up to 90 nights. Icon ruby cross Icon green tick
Trauma benefitIf you experience a traumatic event (must be one of the 6 conditions covered) Aviva will pay out either 6x your benefit amount or £40,000 (whichever is lower). Icon ruby cross Icon green tick
Aviva Digicare+A free app you can download for health and wellness support such as annual health checks, nutrition support, mental health support, Bupa anytime line, bereavement support, second opinions and digital GP. Icon green tick Icon green tick


You can also pay to add the following benefits to an income protection+ policy:

  • Fracture cover - Aviva could pay out a lump sum if you fracture a bone. The amount paid out to you will depend on the type of fracture and it must be 1 of the 18 specified fractures in Aviva’s terms and conditions
  • Global treatment - This can provide you with overseas treatment. Your children will also be covered up until the age of 18 or 21 if they’re in full time education

Aviva income protection contact number

Aviva can be contacted via phone, email or post

  • For income protection policies bought after February 2015 (with a policy number starting BPL), you can contact Aviva on 0800 285 1098 (lines are open Monday - Friday, 08:00  18:00)
  • For all other income protection policies you can contact Aviva on 0800 404 9538 (lines are open Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 18:00pm)
  • You can email Aviva on contacus@aviva.com
  • Or you can write to Aviva at:
    Aviva Customer Relations
    PO Box 3812

Compare Aviva income protection quotes

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All information used in this article has been taken from the Aviva website and is correct as of 12/06/23

[1] https://connect.avivab2b.co.uk/adviser/articles/news/protection/Our-2022-individual-protection-claims-results/

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