What is instant life cover?

In today’s busy world it’s often hard to find the time to arrange such things as life insurance.

But without it, your loved ones could be at significant financial risk if the worst were to happen to you.

Could they:

At Reassured, we use our extensive knowledge to help find you cover with the life insurance provider most likely to give you an instant decision.

The criteria for arranging cover, with regards to your health and lifestyle, can differ significantly between insurers.

So, by obtaining certain key information, we can help you find the insurer most likely to offer you instant life insurance cover.

Get your life insurance arranged within a matter of minutes.

Instant life insuranceInstant life insurance cover

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Instant issue term life insurance

There are two different types of term-based life insurance; level and decreasing. At Reassured we can arrange both.

Level term life insurance provides a fixed lump sum pay out if the worst were to happen to you during the life of your policy.

Whereas decreasing term life insurance provides a pay out which decreases over time.

Whilst it’s possible to arrange both types of cover instantly, the application process does require you to provide information regarding your health and lifestyle.

We’ll always endeavour to get you instant cover, but in less than ideal circumstances, your application may require further information or a referral.

In any instance, we have a team of specialists dedicated to getting you the best cover as soon as possible.

Instant life insurance quotes no medical exam, (over 50s plan)

From time to time, higher risk applicants will be required to undergo a medical exam.

In a bid to get instant protection without having to undergo an exam, you may be better suited to an over 50s plan.

Whilst the sum assured you can secure is lower, they offer guaranteed acceptance to all UK residents aged 50-85.

The cost of premiums can be higher than other forms of cover, but if looking for instant life insurance, this may be the best option.

At Reassured, we can talk you through the available options and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Instant whole of life insurance

A whole of life insurance policy lasts for the rest of your life, meaning that a pay out is guaranteed.

Because of this, insurers require certain information regarding your personal wellbeing to determine whether or not they’re happy to provide you with instant cover.

By collating as much information as necessary, we can connect you with the insurer most likely to offer you instant cover.

When arranging whole of life cover it’s important to consider whether or not it is the most suitable form of cover to suit your needs.

If a young adult and/or in good health, it’s possible your cover will remain in place for a long period of time, meaning you could pay more into the policy than the overall pay out.

If you fall into this category, you may benefit from exploring term life insurance instead.

Instant life insurance policy optionsInstant life cover options

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The cost of instant life insurance

The cost of instant life insurance is calculated based on a number of criteria, including:

The more likely you are to make a claim, the higher the cost of your monthly premiums.

To ensure you aren’t paying more than required for your life cover, it’s best to compare quotes.

At Reassured, we can use our award-winning skills to do this on your behalf, (for free).

Instant life insurance with terminal illness cover

All life insurance policies arranged through Reassured come with terminal illness cover as standard.

This means that if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live, you can make an early claim on your policy.

The pay out can then be used to provide peace of mind that all of your financial affairs are in order.

Instant life insurance with critical illness cover

All life insurance policies arranged through Reassured come with the ability to add critical illness cover.

Whilst this increases the cost of your premiums, it does mean if you’re diagnosed with a serious, yet non-life-threatening illness, you can make a claim on your cover.

The pay out could then be used to pay for necessary adaptations to your home, replace a lost income or simply to enjoy with loved ones.

Do all life insurance policies have a waiting period?

Most life insurance policies provide instant cover for both natural and accidental causes of death, except suicide (cover for suicide commences 2 years following the start of the policy).

The one exception to this is an over 50s plan which has a waiting period of 12-24 months depending on the provider.

Accidental death is instantly covered from the moment the cover commences, but natural death cover doesn’t start until after the waiting period.

In the unfortunate event, you were to pass away due to natural causes before this period, no lump sum pay out would be made, but all premiums paid in would be refunded to those you love.

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When an instant decision isn’t possible?

When obtaining instant life insurance isn’t an option due to poor health or other circumstances, there are still options available.

At Reassured, we ensure that we exhaust all avenues to arrange you appropriate life insurance cover, even if required to go through referral to obtain further information.

If standard cover is unobtainable, Reassured have a dedicated in-house impaired risk team who’ll do their best to secure you cover from a specialist insurer.

Compare instant life insurance quotes

Whether instant or not, the cost of cover can vary significantly between life insurance providers.

Therefore, to ensure you get the best possible deal, it’s essential to compare quotes.

At Reassured, we can do this on your behalf completely free of charge.

Simply get in touch to discover just how easy it is to arrange instant life insurance.

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