Can I get life insurance with atrial fibrillation?

Yes, it’s possible to secure life insurance if you have atrial fibrillation, generally it isn’t considered life threatening but this can depend on the personal circumstances of your condition.

The coverage and premium costs of your policy will be determined by insurers based on various factors, such as the severity of your condition, how it’s managed and your overall health.

If your atrial fibrillation is well managed without any other health issues, you might qualify for life insurance with adjusted terms, typically resulting in higher premiums.

By understanding how atrial fibrillation affects the application process and knowing what to expect, you could find a policy that meets your needs and covers what you’re looking for.

In this article, we will help you navigate the steps to securing life insurance with atrial fibrillation, ensuring you are well informed.

Why not get in touch with one of our friendly professionals today to explore the options available to you.

Life insurance and atrial fibrillation key points:

  • Atrial fibrillation is a common heart condition affecting around 1.4 million people in the UK[1]
  • Atrial fibrillation is a type of irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia which can lead to various complications
  • A life insurance policy specifically for individuals with atrial fibrillation does not exist. The term ‘atrial fibrillation life insurance’ simply refers to a life insurance policy obtained by someone who has atrial fibrillation.
  • Well managed atrial fibrillation with regular medical follow ups can reduce your risk when applying for life insurance
  • Insurers will require medical information, including medical history, any treatment had and overall health (unless applying for an over 50s life insurance policy)
  • You may pay higher premiums or have your eligibility affected if you have atrial fibrillation due to the increased risk

Do I need to tell insurers about my atrial fibrillation?

Yes, when applying for life insurance it’s essential to inform the insurer about any pre-existing medical condition you may have or have previously had.

Unless you’re applying for an over 50s life insurance policy, where no medical information/exam is required.

You must answer all application questions openly and honestly. Otherwise, your loved ones may face not receiving your pay out due to non-disclosure.

Is atrial fibrillation a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, atrial fibrillation is considered a pre-existing medical condition to insurers.

This means that if a person has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation before obtaining a life insurance policy, the condition is classified as ‘pre-existing’.

As atrial fibrillation is a heart condition associated with high blood pressure (hypertension), atherosclerosis or heart valve problems[1] insurers might view this as a potential risk, leading to higher premium prices.

Nevertheless, you could still be able to secure some form of cover - particularly if your condition is well managed.

How does atrial fibrillation affect life insurance?

Atrial fibrillation may affect your life cover as insurers will calculate premiums by risk.

Having a pre-existing medical condition may increase costs of some policies or you could even be declined, depending on the severity and manageability of your condition.

Insurers will evaluate your atrial fibrillation and the potential for developing related heart conditions as it progresses.

If your condition is mild and well managed you could face just a small increase to premiums whereas those with severe symptoms will face a greater increase, however this will depend on the insurer, policy type and other various factors.

What will insurers ask about my atrial fibrillation?

When applying for a life insurance policy you’ll be asked about a variety of factors.

You’ll be asked about:

  • Age
  • BMI
  • Medical history
  • Health & wellbeing
  • If you smoke
  • Occupation & lifestyle

Insurers will likely ask further questions to gain a greater understanding of your condition, for example:

  • Whether you have been experiencing things like chest pains, shortness of breath and fainting?
  • Whether your condition is fully controlled?
  • What treatment you receive for your condition?
  • How the condition affects your day to day life?
  • How would you describe your overall health on a daily basis?
  • Whether you have any related secondary conditions?

Insurers may also ask to review medical documents from your GP to assess your condition, however they can’t gain access to these without your permission.

If you have concerns about being declined or if you’ve been declined before, why not get in touch with Reassured’s specialist impaired life insurance team who can offer you support throughout the application process.

The best life insurance for atrial fibrillation

Technically, there’s no ‘best’ option of life insurance for those with atrial fibrillation, it will be down to what you’re looking to cover and your personal circumstances.

However, we have listed the most popular options which may be suitable:

Level term life insurance

A policy that lasts for a set amount of time (up to 40 years) with monthly fixed premiums.

A popular option for those with an interest mortgage as the sum assured remains fixed, it will only pay out if you pass away during the term.

Decreasing term life insurance

This policy lasts up to 40 years with a fixed monthly premium, ideal for those with a repayment mortgage.

It only pays out if you die within the term, and the sum assured decreases over time.

Over 50s life insurance

A policy available to UK residents aged 50 - 85 which is a popular option for those with pre-existing medical conditions as you have guaranteed acceptance and won’t be asked medical questions (therefore your condition won’t impact premium costs).

Whole of life assurance

Cover that lasts for your entire life, guaranteeing a pay out when you pass away.

This policy offers a larger payout than over 50s life insurance (up to £1,000,000) but can be more expensive due to taking medical history into account when applying.

Reassured can compare quotes for the policies listed above. Reach out to us today to get started.


Do I need life insurance with atrial fibrillation?

Yes, life insurance can help financially protect your loved ones future, as well as offer you peace of mind.

Life insurance can help to cover:

  • Funeral costs
  • Rent / mortgage payments
  • Household bills
  • Childcare costs / future education costs
  • An inheritance
  • Any leftover financial debts

Begin your life insurance journey now and move closer to ensuring your loved ones are safeguarded.

Will I need to do a medical exam?

It may depend on how well managed your condition is.

Alternatively, your GP may need to provide a report to the insurer, however insurers can’t access any files from your GP without your permission.

Please note, if you refuse to provide insurers with the requested information, you’ll not be able to continue with your life insurance application.

They will assess your overall health, including any test results like echocardiography and any existing medical conditions you may have.

Can I get income protection with atrial fibrillation?

Yes, you may still be able to secure income protection with atrial fibrillation. This is as long as your symptoms aren't too severe.

Income protection is a type of policy that pays out up to 70% of your income if you’re unable to work due to an injury or illness.

When you obtain income protection while having a pre-existing medical condition, such as atrial fibrillation, your policy might exclude certain illnesses related to your pre-existing condition and/or increase your monthly premiums.

Reassured offer a whole of market income protection comparison service, insuring you find the right deal for your needs.

Is atrial fibrillation a critical illness?

No, atrial fibrillation alone isn’t considered as a critical illness, however there are other linked conditions that are covered (such as heart attack and stroke).

Similarly, to securing income protection with atrial fibrillation, your critical illness terms may be adjusted as most critical illness plans are medically underwritten, which means they typically won't cover your pre-existing condition or linked conditions.

Reassured offer the option of adding critical illness cover to a life insurance policy for an additional cost.

About atrial fibrillation

For more information regarding atrial fibrillation, visit the websites below:

Securing a policy with atrial fibrillation UK

It can feel worrying to be diagnosed with a heart condition but it’s essential to remember the importance of securing a life insurance policy.

Many people assume they won't qualify for affordable coverage or will be denied due to a pre-existing condition, but that's not always the case.

The sooner you secure a policy, the cheaper your premiums tend to be. By comparing quotes from a variety of insurers, you’ll be able to find the right policy for you at the best price.

Reassured offer a comparison service from some of the UK's top leading insurers, including specialist insurers.

Take the first step on your life insurance journey today and move closer to securing the financial future of your loved ones.



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