Best over 50 life insurance with free gift (updated September 2019)

Having recently spent time researching the best life insurance with free gift offers, we thought why not do the same for over 50 plans.
Over 50 life insurance with free gift (2019)

We have examined all of the over 50 life insurance free gifts currently available in the UK.

Below are the best welcome offers we identified.

Our article will help you answer:

Over 50 life insurance providers use a free gift as an incentive to encourage you to buy a policy directly from them.

But, is the free gift really worth it? Or can you secure the most suitable cover by using a broker?

Read on to establish the best over 50s offers and why they may not be as enticing as they first appear.

The best over 50 life insurance with free gift 2019:

*Please note: this ‘over 50 life insurance with free gift’ article was updated on 03/09/19.

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SunLife over 50s plan with free giftSunLife – £100 Love2Shop gift card

SunLife’s Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is the most recognisable policy in the senior life insurance market.

In part due to the Michael Parkinson and Alan Titchmarsh TV adverts.

They currently offer both new and existing customers an £100 Love2Shop gift card.

Love2Shop gift cards are accepted at over 150 UK brands, including Argos, M&S, Currys, Mothercare and Boots.

Previously, SunLife had offered a £85 Love2Shop gift card however this was increased in August 2019.

One thing worth mentioning is that you’ll not receive the gift card until you’re 6 months into the policy.

Unlike most standard life insurance gifts, here you’re eligible whether you apply online or over the phone.

Perhaps this is in recognition of the generational differences in consumer behaviour?

Key points with the SunLife offer:

Direct Line Free GiftDirect Line – £100 gift card for Amazon, M&S or Love2Shop

Direct Line are currently offering a £100 gift card with either Amazon, M&S or Love2Shop.

The gift cards will be issued after you’ve paid your premiums for 6 months.

You’ll be sent communications 30 days or more from the start of the policy on how to redeem your gift.

Direct Line’s over 50 life insurance cover is actually provided by Legal & General.

As a result, if you’ve previously cancelled a Legal & General policy, you’ll not qualify for this offer.

As well as Direct Line, Legal & General also provide their white label product for many well-known brands, such as the AA, Sainsbury’s and Churchill.

Key points with Direct Line free gift:

Sainsbury's over 50 life insurance with free giftSainsbury’s Over 50s Life Insurance – £90 Nectar points & double points

When you take out over 50s life insurance with Sainsbury’s (provided by Legal & General), you can benefit from a one-off bonus of £90 worth of Nectar points.

You’ll receive the 18,000 Nectar points within 60 days of paying your 5th monthly premium.

You can also earn double Nectar points on your Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel purchases.

You start earning double Nectar points from the start of your policy, as long as you’ve provided your Nectar card number.

If you’re a Sainsbury’s shopper this could be a good offer for you.

Key points with Sainsbury’s free gift:

Legal & General over 50 life insurance free giftLegal & General – £85 Amazon or M&S gift card

Legal & General are offering a £85 Amazon or M&S gift card when you take out their over 50 life insurance.

This offer is only available if you take out a Legal & General over 50s fixed life insurance plan, on or before 31 March 2019.

You’re eligible for the gift whether you take out cover online, by post or over the telephone.

As with most of the offers we found, you have to pay in 6 months worth of premiums before being entitled to the welcome gift.

You’ll be sent a letter or email 30 days after the start of your policy with details on how to redeem your voucher.

As with all offers, if you miss a premium or cancel your policy within the first 6 months you’ll not be entitled to the gift.

This offer is not available to cashback customers and you’ll receive your gift card 6 months after your start date, provided you have paid your premiums.

You have 12 months from your policy start date to claim your gift card or you’ll not be eligible for the offer.

Key points with Legal & General free gift:

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Shepherds Friendly over 50 life insurance with free gift Shepherds Friendly – £50 Love2Shop gift card

Shepherds Friendly are currently offering a £50 Love2Shop gift card if you take out their over 50 plan.

The value of your gift card you receive is not tiered; you’ll receive the £50 gift card whether your monthly premium costs you £10 or £50.

As with the majority of gift cards we identified, you’ll only qualify for the gift after paying your 6th monthly premium.

The Love2Shop gift cards will be sent to you in an email after confirming your 6th payment.

As mentioned above, Love2Shop gift cards are accepted at over 150 retailers, including Argos, M&S and Boots.

Key points with Shepherds Friendly free gift:

AA over 50 life insurance with free giftAA – £50 or £75 M&S gift card

The AA is offering a £50 M&S gift card for non-members and a £75 M&S gift card for their members.

You qualify for the gift after paying 4 months worth of premiums, which is less than most offers and part of why we included the AA in our list.

The AA are yet another white label product of the insurer Legal & General.

As such, if you’ve previously cancelled a Legal & General policy you’re not eligible for this AA offer.

Key points with the AA free gift:

Vitality over 50 life insurance with free giftVitality – 40% discount on gym membership & more

Vitality offers a very different proposition to other insurers in the UK.

Their commendable marketing approach is to incentivise you make positive lifestyle changes, to improve your health.

Therefore, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, this could be a good option.

It’s possible through Vitality over 50s life cover to get 40% of gym membership with Virgin Active, David Lloyd or Nuffield Health.

You can also receive a discount on Polar and Garmin devices, enabling you to track your activity.

Lastly, you can earn weekly rewards from the like of Starbucks Coffee, Cineworld or Vue.

However, to enjoy these benefits you’ll need to pay at least £30 a month on your premium, as well as subscribe to their Vitality or Wellness Optimiser.

The Optimisers will cost you an additional £4.50 per month…

…as with all these offers, things are rarely as good as they first appear.

Key points with Vitality free gift:

Aviva life insurance free gift

Aviva – £50 M&S gift card

If you take out an over 50s plan with Aviva, they will give you £50 worth of M&S vouchers.

You’d be eligible for this offer after you have paid the 4th premium of your policy.

You’d need to take out the policy online, and directly with Aviva themselves.

Key points with Aviva’s free gift;

Royal London over 50 life insurance gift

Royal London – Welcome gift card (unknown retailer or value)

Royal London are currently offering a thank you gift card of unknown retailer or value for new customers. 

Previously, they had an offer for an £85 gift card for Argos, M&S or Tesco.

As with most offers, you have to have paid 6 months of premiums before being eligible for the gift.

Whether you have a Royal London over 50s policy or their funeral plan, assuming you’ve paid all your premiums, you’re entitled to the offer.

You need to provide your email so that they can send you a message after your 6th payment, from which you can make your gift choice online.

You have 90 days from the receipt of this email to make your gift card choice. You can then redeem your e-gift code from an online portal.

You’ll typically receive your gift card around 4 to 5 weeks after you’ve made your 6th monthly payment.

If you don’t make your gift choice selection and/or redeem your e-gift code within 90 days, you’ll no longer be able to claim a gift.

Key points with the £85 Royal London offer:

Secure the right over 50s plan, (not just the best gift)

So there you have it, the best over 50 life insurance with free gift offers in 2019.

It’s possible that a free welcome gift is enough of an incentive for you to take out a particular plan.

However, generally, the most important thing is securing the over 50s plan that best meets your unique needs and budget.

In the long run, financially it’s usually much more important to make sure you secure the right policy, with the most cost-effective premium.

Reassured use the information you provide to search the insurance market on your behalf, at no cost.

Then we present back to you the best available quotes we identified.

We’re an award-winning and FCA registered brokerage, here to help you save both time and money.

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Please note, if you purchase life insurance through a broker, like Reassured, generally you’ll not be entitled to the gift.