AA life insurance review [2020]

Originating in car breakdown cover, the AA had expanded into life insurance offering policies through established insurer Legal & General.

The AA no longer provide life insurance to new customers.

But not to worry, you can still compare Legal & General life insurance quotes through Reassured.

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Although their product is no longer available, we still review the AA life insurance to help you make comparison with other providers, on your journey to find the right life insurance for you.

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AA life insuranceAA life insurance policies

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Existing AA life insurance customer?

If you are an existing AA customer and have a query regarding your policy with Legal & General, then you can call 0370 010 4080.

Term-based life insurance policies from the AA

The AA offered both level term and decreasing term life insurance cover.

Level term life insurance started from £6-per-month but could’ve cost significantly more, dependant on a variety of factors, including your smoking status, age and health.

This type of life insurance involved paying a monthly premium for the duration of the policy term. If you were to pass away during the set term, a fixed pay out would be made to your beneficiaries.

The AA offered decreasing term life insurance cover too, which also started from £6-per-month but again was dependent on your personal wellbeing and habits.

Like with level term, these policies involve paying a monthly premium and if you died during the term, provided a lump sum pay out to your loved ones.

Decreasing term is ideal for covering a repayment mortgage as unlike level term the pay out amount decreases over time. This means the lump sum could be set to mirror the remaining balance of a mortgage. Generally, this is a more cost-effective policy option.

The AA provided free life cover between the exchange of contracts and completion of your purchase if you’re in the process of buying a property.

All term policies were available with optional premium protection, where the AA committed to paying the premiums if the policyholder experienced non-self-inflicted injury or illness which prevented them from working for six weeks or more.

This would have continued until the policyholder was deemed medically able to return to work, however, this waiver of premium option did come at an additional cost.

Like the majority of policies, AA life insurance included free terminal illness cover, meaning that if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and expected to die within 12 months, you could access the funds early.

At Reassured, we can help you arrange term-based life insurance, whether increasing or decreasing, and all our policies come with terminal illness cover as standard.


AA level and decreasing term life insuranceAA term-based life insurance

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Critical illness cover (CIC) with the AA

Critical illness cover was available for all AA policyholders aged between 18 and 54, although this would incur an extra cost which would be added to your premium.

CIC provides a tax-free lump sum to policyholders diagnosed with a serious, yet non-life threatening, illness.

Through Reassured, all policies with Legal & General can be arranged with critical illness cover.

However, as the cost of CIC and the illnesses covered differ between different insurers, it is still important to compare quotes to ensure you are finding the best cover at the best price for you.

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Over 50s plans from the AA

Starting from £5-per-month, the AA also offered an over 50s plan, available to UK residents between the ages of 50 and 80.

This type of policy offered guaranteed acceptance to those within this age range without the requirement for any medical information.

The upper age limit of 80 was lower than the average over 50s plan upper limit of 85.

However, unlike many life insurance policies which require a policy to be in effect for a 24-month period before a payout would be made, the AA only required your policy to have been in effect for 12 months.

This meant that if you died after 12 months, a full lump sum of the insured amount would be made to the beneficiaries upon death.

If death occured before this 12-month eligibility period, the sum of the premiums paid would be reimbursed, unless death occurs due to an accident in which case the full pay out sum would be made.

Like a lot of over 50s plans, once you reach the age of 90, premium payments ceased but your cover would remain in place until you died.

At Reassured, we compare over 50s plans quotes from a number of leading insurers, including Legal & General.

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Increasing & fixed over 50 plans

AA life insurance offered both increasing and fixed over 50s plans.

Increasing plans are designed to protect your sum assured from inflation.

Each year your sum assured would be reviewed in line with changes to the Retail Price Index (RPI). This figure is then adjusted accordingly and your premiums altered to reflect this new level of cover.

With a fixed plan the sum assured remained the same and your premiums would not change. However, after a year you’d be provided with the option to reduce your monthly premiums for a lower level of cover if required.

With both types of plan, like all over 50s plans, there’s the possibility that more would have been paid into the policy than the lump sum which is paid out.

To avoid a diminishing ‘real terms’ pay out, the AA offered an increasing coverage option where the premiums and the sum assured increased by +5% each year the policy is in effect.

Over 50 AA life insuranceOver 50s AA life insurance

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Funeral benefit

A funeral benefit option was available with all over 50s plans. This allowed you to put the cash lump sum towards the cost of your funeral and receive an additional £300 bonus.

All of the AA over 50s plans came with a funeral benefit option. This meant that after you’re gone, rather than the cash lump sum being paid to your loved ones, it’d be charged directly to funeral plan provider Dignity to arrange your funeral.

Evoking this option would also mean that upon your death, your funeral fund would receive a £300 bonus to further help towards the cost of your funeral.

If the cash sum and £300 bonus are not enough to cover the cost of your funeral, your estate and loved ones would be required to make up the difference.

If the amount within your plan plus £300 bonus exceeds the cost of your funeral, this excess would be added to the value of your estate, although may be subject to inheritance tax.

Single or joint policy

With the AA, it was possible to take out either a single or joint life insurance policy depending on who it is you were looking to cover.

Whilst a joint life insurance policy is likely to be cheaper than purchasing two singles, it’ll only pay out once upon first death, leaving the remaining partner uncovered and seeking life insurance cover at an older age which is likely to result in significantly higher premiums.

£50 M&S gift voucher

Upon taking out term-based life insurance or an over 50s plan with the AA, all new customers would’ve received a £50 M&S gift card.

The gift card would’ve been received after the 4th month of your policy providing all payments have been kept up.

Because AA life insurance policies are provided through Legal & General, if you’ve previously had a policy with them and cancelled, you’d not be eligible for this offer.

Gift cards were limited to 2 per household in any 12-month period.

NB: Gift cards detailed within this post are only offered with life insurance policies provided by the AA and not those taken out through Reassured.

There are other life insurance providers that do still offer free gifts for new policyholders, however it is important first to choose the best life insurance for you, before being swayed by free gift incentives.

AA members

Existing AA members could have benefited from a 2% discount on the cost of their monthly premiums as well as receiving the £50 M&S gift card.

Existing members taking out an over 50s plan would’ve benefit from a £75 gift card as opposed to £50.

An AA member is defined as a holder of Breakdown Assistance with the AA. It doesn’t apply to anyone with any other type of cover with the AA, for example, home/car insurance.

However, monthly premiums differ significantly between insurers, therefore, it’s important to compare quotes to determine whether or not a further saving can be made by using a different insurer.

AA life insurance members discountAA members life insurance 2% discount

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Existing policyholders

As far as we could tell, taking out breakdown cover if you have an existing life insurance policy with the AA didn’t entitle you to any discount or benefits.

Pros & Cons

Like the large majority of life insurance policies, the AA life insurance policies came with both pros and cons:



When arranging your life insurance cover, it’s important to ensure not only the price but all aspects of the policy suit your needs.

The AA no longer provide life insurance (but we do)

Whilst the AA no longer offer any form of life insurance to new customers, the good news is that insurance provider Legal & General still do.

At Reassured, we can help you compare quotes from not only Legal & General but from a wide range of insurers.

The cost of life insurance can vary significantly between each insurer, therefore to ensure you obtain the right life insurance at the most cost-effective rate, it’s essential to compare quotes.

There are 3 main methods for carrying out this comparison:

As mentioned, using an FCA independent life insurance broker, such as Reassured, would not only save you time and allow you to compare a huge selection of insurers, but they also offer an array of additional services (completely free!)

So before making any decision, why not get a full comparison of the options available. Allowing you to make a fully informed decision on the best solution for you.

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