Been declined life insurance?

The good news is that even if you’ve been declined life insurance in the past, you may still have options available.

At Reassured, we have a specialist impaired team who could help secure some form of cover even if you have previously been declined.

Our award-winning service will provide you with the various options available and put you in touch with the life insurance providers most likely to accept your application.

We work with a number of mainstream insurers and specialist providers to ensure everyone can get some form of future financial protection for their loved ones.

So, get in touch today for your free, no-obligation quotes.

Why would I be refused life insurance?

You could be refused life insurance if you’re considered too high risk by an insurer due to health or lifestyle factors.

High risk applicants are more likely to make a claim on their policy and, in some cases, won’t be offered cover.

Reasons why you may be refused life insurance include:

Even if you’ve been refused life insurance due to any of the reasons above, it’s still possible to secure affordable cover elsewhere.

This is because each insurer has a different way of assessing risk, and some may accept your application where others won’t.

At Reassured, we work with a number of specialist life insurance providers who can provide cover to those who pose a higher risk.

We also provide a multitude of policy types to ensure everyone can secure some form of financial protection for their loved ones should the worst happen.

The first step is always to understand exactly why you were declined, to allow us to place your application with the most suitable option.

What can stop you from getting declined for life insurance?

The most important thing when arranging life insurance is to ensure that you're open and honest about all aspects of your life, regardless of how unfavourable they may seem.

Altering information or failing to supply certain details is known as non-disclosure.

This can lead to your policy being invalidated and a pay out being denied, resulting in your premium payments going to waste.

There are also a number of other steps you can take to improve your chances of being accepted when applying for life insurance:

  1. Arrange cover as young as possible, before your health deteriorates (or if it already has, before it deteriorates further)
  2. Restrict the use of substances (only consume a sensible amount of alcohol and stay clear of illegal drugs)
  3. Lead a healthy lifestyle (for example, exercise regularly and don’t smoke) to reduce the risk of health problems
  4. Reduce risk by changing your occupation and hobbies (if possible) to avoid dangerous activities
  5. Choose the right type of life insurance, for example, over 50s life insurance offers guaranteed acceptance if you’re aged 50 - 85

Can you be refused life insurance?

Yes, it's possible to be refused standard types of life insurance such as term-based and whole of life insurance.

During the application process you’ll be asked questions about your health and lifestyle so insurers can assess the level of risk you pose.

If the risk is too high, for example you have a serious pre-existing medical condition, then you may be refused a policy.

The exception to this is over 50s life insurance. If you’re aged 50 - 85 and a UK resident, then you can’t be refused over 50s life insurance as acceptance is guaranteed.

This type of policy offers cover to those who may find it too difficult or too costly to secure standard types of policies.

No matter your situation, it can be possible to arrange life insurance to leave some money behind for your family.

At Reassured, we’ll do our best to find you a suitable policy from one of our mainstream or specialist insurers, without charging you a fee.

What to do if refused life insurance?

If you've previously been refused life insurance, all is not lost.

Here could be your next steps:

  • If possible, contact the insurer that declined your application and find out why you were refused cover (for example, was it for medical reasons, your occupation, age, or family medical history?). This information may help you apply with more suitable insurers in the future
  • Before applying again, you may wish to spend some time improving your health and/or lifestyle (for example, quitting smoking or lowering your BMI)
  • Use a fee-free life insurance broker, such as Reassured, to help you find out your available options and identify the insurers most likely to offer you a policy based on your circumstances. In some cases, a specialist life insurance provider may be the best solution. Specialists are able to provide substantial cover at an affordable rate to applicants with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Consider other policy options such as over 50s life insurance, which guarantees acceptance if you’re aged 50 - 85 regardless of your health status

At Reassured, we can provide quotes from specialist life insurance provider The Exeter, starting from just £15 a month » .

We can also compare over 50s life insurance quotes from top UK insurers, starting from just £5 a month + .

Get in touch for your free, no-obligation quotes.

What to do if you can’t get life insurance?

If all life insurance avenues have been exhausted and you're unable to secure cover due to being declined or unrealistically high premiums, there's still another option.

A prepaid funeral plan.

Funeral plans guarantee acceptance to UK applicants (min and max age ranges will apply) and allow you to pay for your funeral in advance, protecting loved ones from this expense in the future.

Please note, Reassured are unable to sell funeral plans. If you are looking for a funeral plan we suggest you check the FCA register to find a regulated provider.

While this won't provide your loved ones with the luxury of choosing what to spend the proceeds on, it'll provide some future financial protection against one of the largest costs associated with dying.

Life insurance that won’t turn you down

Over 50s plan if refused if life insurance

Over 50 life insurance key features

  • Guaranteed acceptance if you’re a UK resident aged 50 - 85
  • No medical questions or exam during the application process
  • Pay out up to £20,000 depending on your personal circumstances and budget
  • Immediate accidental death cover and full cover after the initial waiting period (12 or 24 months depending on the insurer)
  • Fixed monthly premiums from just £5 a month through Reassured

As discussed, an over 50s plan has very little criteria to pass in order for your application to be accepted.

The only requisite is that you're a UK citizen, aged between 50 - 85 years old.

Therefore, if you're looking for life insurance that won’t turn you down, this may be the way to go.

An over 50s plan could be ideal if you’re in this age range and want to leave some money behind to help cover your funeral costs or to leave a small cash gift for loved ones.

The maximum sum assured is £20,000, which is lower than other forms of life insurance, but the premiums are affordable and a pay out is guaranteed when you pass away.

If looking to secure a significant sum assured (above £20,000), it may be best to compare other types of life insurance, even if it means going with a specialist provider.

Get in touch with our team, who can discuss your needs and provide you with all the information required to determine the right option for you

Life insurance refused medical grounds

One of the most likely reasons for being declined life insurance is due to your medical history.

Each medical ailment is considered differently, with many pre-existing conditions not affecting your chances of getting cover or the cost of premiums.

In many instances, if your medical condition is well managed and not life-threatening, you're likely to be able to secure standard terms of cover, although premiums may be inflated to mitigate the insurers' risk.

In the instance of a newly diagnosed medical condition, it's likely your application will be deferred to allow the insurer to determine how the illness will progress over time.

This is also the case for recent major operations, as the life insurance provider will want clarification on your recovery before accepting your application.

As discussed, if you have previously been declined life insurance on medical grounds, you may wish to consider an over 50s plan which doesn’t take into account any information regarding your medical wellbeing

Although it's worth noting, most over 50s plans implement a waiting period at the beginning of a policy, for which you must outlive for cover to be valid (usually 12-24 months).

To understand how your particular medical condition will affect your likelihood of being accepted contact our team today to discuss your individual case.

What happens if you are refused life insurance?

Unfortunately, if you're refused cover, it means that your application has ended and no protection has been offered.

The question ‘have you ever previously been declined life insurance?’, is also one likely to be asked at future applications, meaning that the refusal will go on your record and may affect future chances of securing cover.

Therefore, when arranging cover, especially if you're concerned about being declined, it's preferable to discuss your options with a broker to understand the best available options and to increase your likelihood of being accepted.

Whilst a previous refusal is unlikely to be the only factor to prevent you from securing cover in the future, it may result in inflated premiums to mitigate any perceived risk.

Refused life insurance depression

For the most part, your life insurance application won't be declined due to suffering depression.

During the application, the severity of your depression will be taken into account, including any self-harming, suicide attempts or time spent in hospital due to your illness.

If you're a recent suffer of depression, it's likely your application will be deferred to allow time for the progression of your illness to be assessed.

It's only likely that your application would be declined due to depression if it has previously caused a severe threat to your life.

Our award-winning team are trained to put you in touch with the providers most likely to accept your application, whether this be mainstream or specialist.

Get in touch today to discuss your individual circumstances.

Refused life insurance drugs and alcohol

The excessive use of drugs and alcohol is likely to lead to a refusal of life insurance due to the associated risks of this behaviour.

While each case and intake will be assessed on an individual level, it's likely that extreme use will result in a decline of application.

However, it's worth noting, that the thresholds considered by most insurers are higher than those considered a recommended intake by the medical industry.

If you've previously been refused life insurance due to your substance misuse, it's likely your application won't be reconsidered unless your habits change significantly over a sustained period of time.

To understand how your substance use will affect your likelihood of securing cover, contact our team today.

Been refused life insurance?

Whether you've previously been refused cover or are worried about having your life insurance application declined due to your health or lifestyle, we can help.

We can discuss your individual needs and circumstances and put you in touch with the insurers most likely to accept your application on suitable terms.

Our team is trained to deal with all matters sensitively and provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

And our award-winning and FCA regulated service is completely fee-free.

Simply get in touch today to see how we could help you secure affordable life insurance to protect your loved ones.

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