Asda life insurance review

Asda life insurance no longer exists; however, the subsidiary still provides such insurance products as travel, car and home.

Previously, their life insurance was provided by LV and Ageas Protect Ltd which rebranded as AIG in 2015.

At Reassured, not only are we able to secure AIG policies on your behalf but also compare their rates against other insurers to ensure you secure the best possible deal.

Still undecided? See below our Asda life insurance review.

Read on to establish if Asda would have been the right cover for you and why it’s important to compare quotes…

Asda life insuranceAsda life insurance is no longer

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Guaranteed Asda life insurance

Unlike most life insurance providers, Asda provided guaranteed acceptance to all UK residents aged 17-50; cover could remain in place until the age of 65.

Whilst guaranteed acceptance can make the application simpler, it means that the risk to the insurer is unknown and you can end up paying more to mitigate their risk.

At Reassured, all of our term-based life insurance applications take into account medical information to ensure you aren’t paying more than you need to.

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Asda over 50 life insurance

Asda also previously used to provide an over 50s life insurance product.

Cover started from as little as £5 a month, offering guaranteed acceptance to all UK residents aged 50-80.

As with all over 50s plans no medical information was required.

The underwriting of Asda’s over 50s life insurance was carried out by LV.

Like other over 50 products, Asda’s had a waiting period. If natural death occurred within the first 12 months of a policy, a pay out would not be made but all premiums would be refunded.

This 12-month period is lower than some over 50s policies, which can include a 24-month waiting period.

Asda over 50 life insurance also offered the option of a ‘funeral benefit‘.

Choosing this option would mean that upon your passing the pay out would be paid directly to Dignity funeral directors, who would arrange your funeral and even provide a 10% bonus towards the cost.

Finally, Asda over 50s cover provided protection between £650-£10,000.

This is considerably less than other providers which provide a sum assured of up to £25,000.

At Reassured, we compare quotes from a number of providers to ensure you find the right policy to meet your unique needs.

The cost of Asda life insurance

Unlike most standard policies, Asda offered guaranteed acceptance only, therefore, the only criteria factored into the premium cost were your age and cover amount.

The monthly cost is also kept simple, only coming in multiples of £5.

This pricing structure can result in being more expensive than standard rates which take into account your medical wellbeing, as being deemed low risk could significantly reduce your premium.

The best way to ensure you receive the right cover to meet your needs at the lowest possible price is to compare quotes.

Our award-winning team can do this on your behalf, providing all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Joint Asda life insurance

Arranging joint life insurance allows you to protect two lives simultaneously and can save you approximately 25%.

However, arranging a joint life insurance policy was not possible with Asda.

The downfall with joint life insurance is that while two lives are covered simultaneously, only one pay is made (usually upon first death).

Therefore, when first death occurs, a pay out is made, but the surviving partner will be left unprotected and required to secure cover at an older age.

But that doesn’t mean joint cover should never be considered as it can be a viable option for those on a tight budget.

At Reassured, we help arrange both individual and joint policies. Simply get in touch today to establish the best option for you.

Asda life insurance with terminal illness cover

Like most other life insurance policies, life protection through Asda came with terminal illness as standard.

This means, that if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live, you can file an early claim.

The early pay out could be used to fund private medical treatment, allow you to get your finances in order or simply to enjoy with family.

Rest assured, all policies arranged through Reassured also come with terminal illness cover as standard.

Asda life insurance with critical illness cover

Like most life insurance available in today’s market, Asda policies come with the option to add critical illness cover.

Whilst this costs extra, it does mean that you can make an early claim on your policy if you’re diagnosed with a serious, yet non-life-threatening illness.

The pay out proceeds could then be used as you see fit.

At Reassured, we have the ability to add critical illness cover to all of the life insurance policies we arrange. Simply get in touch today to discover the best option to suit your needs.

Asda life insurance with free gift

It’s not uncommon for life insurance providers to offer free gifts to attract new policyholders.

When available, Asda life insurance used to offer new customers a £30 Asda gift card.

Whilst a free gift can be enticing, it’s important to consider the bigger picture.

The sum assured attached to your life insurance is likely to be a considerable amount, a sum which would dwarf the value of a gift card.

As a result, it’s far more important to ensure you have the right cover in place, rather than selecting on gift alone.

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Asda life insurance for colleagues

Being an Asda employee comes with a range of benefits, including pension, health insurance and share scheme, however, life insurance isn’t one of them.

Since taking themselves out of the life insurance sector, Asda no longer provides their employees with life cover.

However, like other members of society, it’s likely most Asda employees would benefit from having life insurance in place.

Without such protection could your loved ones:

By arranging life insurance with Reassured, we can ensure that if the worst were to happen, your loved ones would not be in severe financial difficulty.

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Asda life insurance contact details

For previous Asda policyholders, you can still speak with someone regarding your policy:

Equally, you can use the contact information detailed within your policy paperwork.

Compare life insurance quotes, (and save money)

As discussed, Asda, like Tesco, no longer offers life insurance products.

However, if you’re looking to arrange protection to provide financial security for your loved ones you could benefit from comparing quotes.

This is because the cost of cover can vary significantly between different insurers.

At Reassured we compare quotes from market-leading providers to identify the best deal for you.

…and the best bit is our award-winning, FCA registered broker service is completely free to use.

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