Rob Rutherford, Impaired Life lead at Reassured

Meet Rob Rutherford, our Impaired Life Manager here at Reassured. Rob has a big family himself and understands how important it is to make sure they’re protected.

Below, Rob, runs through what his dedicated impaired team do and how they help secure non-standard customers invaluable life insurance cover.

1) What do Reassured’s impaired team do?

My team and I deal with all of the life insurance applications that have been declined or postponed, for example, because of a dangerous occupation or health complications.

We’ll then explore all alternative options available to the customer, like a specialist insurer, over 50s cover or perhaps a funeral plan.

Our primary objective after a customer is initially declined, is to ensure that they secure the best protection possible, for the most affordable price.

2) What makes Reassured’s impaired service different?

I have worked in the life insurance industry for over 10 years and to my knowledge, the vast majority of brokers will tell their customer they’re unable to help once the application is declined.

However, at Reassured the customer is passed to my team of dedicated professionals who have years of experience finding cover for customers in need of further assistance.

We’ll then do everything we can to find an option or insurance provider that best meets the customers’ needs, using our wealth of insurer and underwriting knowledge.

3) Is there a cost for using Reassured’s impaired service?

No. There’s no fee to the customer for using any of our services, whether that be finding life insurance through one of our consultants, using our free trust service or utilising my impaired team.

4) What % of previously declined applicants are able to secure cover with Reassured?

From our internal data between 40-50% of customers who were initially declined are able to secure cover through us.

We take huge pride in working hard on behalf of our customers to secure vital protection for their loved ones.

5) Why should someone use Reassured?

We put the customer at the centre of everything we do.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring the customer finds the cover they need to protect their families, cover funeral costs or protect their mortgages.

What’s more, we never charge a fee for our service, so why would you not want to save yourself time and money?

Been declined cover in the past? Let me and my team help you find the life insurance you need.

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