The best free gifts with life insurance (2018)

We have spent the last week reviewing all the life insurance policies that come with a free gift.

Insurers use this incentive to encourage you to buy directly from them. But, is the free gift worth it, or can you secure a better deal by using an intermediary?

Read on to learn about the best life insurance with a free gift offers available, (and why they may not be as appealing as they first appear).

Please note, if you purchase life insurance through a broker, like Reassured, generally you’ll not be entitled to the gift.

Legal & General - Free gift with life insuranceLegal & General
Up to £150 Gift Card or M&S e-Gift Card

Let’s start with one of the largest insurers in the UK, Legal & General. They are currently offering new customers up to £150 Gift Card or M&S e-Gift Card[1].

On first impressions, this is one of the most enticing free gifts we found and one which would appeal to many prospective life insurance customers.

Amazon free gift card

But let’s delve into the small print of this free offer. Is everyone entitled to this gift? Well, as with all the policies we researched, no.

As you can see from the data below, the monetary worth of the gift you receive depends on the monthly premium you pay.

In order to receive the top £150 gift card, you’ll need to be paying £30.01 or more every month. In contrast, if your monthly premium is £10 or less, then you’re offered a £25 gift card.

So be mindful when you see an appealing headline, as there’s a good chance you’ll not be entitled to claim it.

In fairness to Legal & General, this tiered approach, ‘the higher the premium, the bigger the gift‘, was used by nearly all the insurers we came across during our research.

The most important thing is securing the RIGHT cover

So there we have it, the best life insurance and over 50s plans with free gifts as we see it in 2018.

It could be that a free gift is enough of an incentive for you to take out that policy. Especially if you’ve shopped around and all the rates are very similar.

However, we believe the single most important thing is securing suitable life insurance that meets your specific needs, over the entire policy term.

A free gift is obviously an incentive for you to take out a policy. But, in the long-term, it’s much more important (and cost-effective) to make sure you secure the right policy, from the right insurer, at the right price.

At Reassured we use the information you provide to search the market on your behalf, at no cost to you, identifying the very best policies. Then we offer you the choice!

We’re a customer-focused brokerage, here to explain any industry jargon and help you understand the policy, the terms and the application process.

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