The best free gifts with life insurance (updated 2019)

We have spent the past 7 days updating our top 11 life insurance with free gift offers.

Life insurance with free gift (2019)

Our findings are below and hopefully, they’ll help you find the best available deals in the UK.

Answering questions such as:

Insurers obviously use a free gift incentive to encourage you to buy life insurance directly from them.

But, is the free gift actually worth it, or can you secure a better policy deal by using a broker?

Read on to learn all about the best life insurance with a free gift offers available, (and why they may not be as appealing as they first appear).

If you’re over 50 you may want to read our over 50 life insurance with free gift article.

*Please note: this ‘life insurance with free gift’ article was updated on 12/01/19.

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Zurich free gift with life insuranceZurich – £420 Amazon, John Lewis or Love2 Shop gift vouchers

Zurich has an extremely tempting offer of up to £420 worth of either Amazon, John Lewis or Love2 Shop gift vouchers, (you choose).

In monetary terms, this was the highest value gift card we identified from an insurer.

However, as with all free gift offers you have to wait for a period of time before being eligible. With Zurich, the vouchers will be issued after you’ve paid your 6th monthly premium.

The value of the voucher received is calculated by the combined value of your 1st 6 months premiums, rounded down to the nearest £5.

For example; if you pay £5 a month you’ll receive a £30 voucher; if you pay £10 you’ll get a £60 voucher and so on…until the maximum of £70+ per month in order to get the full £420 worth of gift vouchers.

Key points with Zurich free gift:

Direct Line - Online free gift offerDirect Line – £180 Amazon, M&S or B&Q gift card

Direct Line are currently offering a gift card from either Amazon, M&S or B&Q up to the value of £180.

Like Zurich, the vouchers will be issued after you’ve paid your premiums for 6 months and the value of the voucher is calculated by how much you pay each month.

For example; if your monthly premium is between £6 and £10 a month you’ll receive a £35 voucher; if you pay between £10.01 and £20 a month you’ll receive a £60 voucher…to receive the full £180 gift card you’ll need to be paying over £30 a month.

You may not be aware that Direct Line life insurance is actually provided by Legal & General.

As a result, if you’ve previously cancelled a Legal & General policy, you’ll not qualify for this Direct Line offer.

Key points with Direct Line free gift:

Compare the Market life insurance with free giftCompare the Market – £135 Amazon gift card

Compare the Market have a £25 – £135 Amazon gift card on offer.

Again, what you receive depends on the cost of your monthly premiums, but also on the specific brand of insurance policy.

For example; if your monthly premium is £0 – £10 with Zurich you’ll receive a £35 gift card, with Legal & General you’ll get a £30 gift card and with all other brands £25 in vouchers. 

To receive the maximum £135 gift card you’ll have to have life insurance with Zurich and pay over £30 a month.

Unlike most other offers, you’re eligible for this offer after paying just 3 months of premiums and you’ll be contacted within 45 days after your 3rd payment.

Key points with Compare the Market free gift:

Churchill's £120 gift card with life coverChurchill – £120 Amazon, M&S or Argos gift card

Churchill are offering a gift card for either Amazon, M&S or Argos up to the value of £120.

Again, like many other insurers, the value of the gift you receive is dependent on how much your monthly premiums are.

For example; if you pay between £6 – £10 a month you get a £25 gift card; if you pay between £10.01 and £20 per month you receive a £40 gift card and so on until the maximum of £120 worth of vouchers if you pay over £30 a month.

One advantage with the Churchill offer is that you only have to wait 4 months to redeem the gift, not 6 months.

As with Direct Line, Churchill life insurance is provided through Legal & General.

Therefore, if you’ve previously cancelled a Legal & General policy, you’ll not qualify for the gift.

Key points with Churchill free gift:

MoneySuperMarket life insurance free gift offerMoneySupermarket – £100 Argos, M&S or Next gift card

MoneySupermarket are currently offering a £100 gift card with either Argos, M&S or Next.

Without the Amazon gift card option, your choice as a consumer is more limited, due to the breadth of products they offer.

You’re eligible for 1 gift card per policy and you have to take out life insurance online to claim the free gift.

You’ll only qualify for the gift card after making 6 consecutive premium payments.

After you have paid your 6th monthly premium you’ll be emailed within 40 days to ask which gift card you would like.

This is a good one if you’re looking to pay low monthly premiums, as you still qualify for the £100 gift card as it’s not dependent on how much you pay each month.

Key points with MoneySupermarket free gift:

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Vitality £159 Apple Watch offerVitality – Apple Watch Series 4 from £159 upfront & Apple Watch Series 3 from £69 upfront

Then there’s Vitality, whose free gift offer is completely different from all other insurers and comparison sites.

Here, you can receive an Apple Watch Series 3 or an Apple Watch Series 4, but you need to pay some money upfront.

However, you may be able to pay nothing each month depending on your level of activity, (which I assume you’ll be measuring on your nice new Apple watch!)

If you’re a Vitality Life or Vitality Invest member you can get an Apple Watch Series 3 if you pay £69 upfront and any monthly fee you make could be between £0 and £8.75 depending on your level of activity.

If you join Vitality Life you could get an Apple Watch Series 4.

You’ll need to pay at least £159 upfront (retail price from £399), but then if you stay active and track your activity to earn Vitality points you could pay nothing more.

Although it’s possible to make a £300 saving on an Apple watch, like most free offers things are never quite that simple.

Firstly, your monthly payments need to be £30 or more, a sizeable premium for most.

Also, you’ll need to subscribe to the Vitality Wellness Optimiser, which costs an additional £4.50 each month.

Lastly, if you take out joint life insurance with Vitality, only one party is able to claim the offer.

Key points with Vitality free gift:

LV= life insurance John Lewis gift offerLV – £75 John Lewis gift card

LV are offering a £75 John Lewis gift card, but only after completing your 12th monthly premium!

This was the longest qualifying period for a gift we came around during our extensive research.

You’ll receive the gift at least 28 days after your 12th payment has been paid.

Like most offers, you’re only eligible if you apply online and it’s not available to cashback customers.

Again, it is only 1 gift card per policy.

Whilst many will be happy with being limited to John Lewis vouchers, it won’t suit everyone.

Key points with LV free gift:

Legal & General - Free gift with life insuranceLegal & General – £75 Amazon or M&S gift card

Legal & General are offering a £75 Amazon or M&S gift card when you take out either life insurance or decreasing life insurance with or without critical illness cover.

Ironically, this is less than both the Direct Line and Churchill offers, who Legal & General also provide life insurance for.

What’s a little different here is that you can apply for your policy either online or by phone and still be eligible for the welcome gift.

As with most others, this offer is not available to cashback customers and you’ll receive your gift card 6 months after your policy start date, provided you have paid your premiums.

Key points with Legal & General free gift:

Post Office - Free gift offer with life insurancePost Office – £50 One4All gift card

The Post Office is offering a £50 One4All gift card, the only insurer offering this gift that we came across.

This gift card enables you to spend with 130 high street brands in-store or online.

Stores include John Lewis, H+M, Boots, Halfords, Mothercare, Topshop, almost any high street shop you can think of.

To qualify you need to buy a Post Office Money Life Insurance Policy.

Unlike most other companies you can apply either online, by phone or in a branch in order to qualify.

Something that is different is that you have to retain the policy for a ‘180-day qualifying period‘.

You also need to make at least 6 monthly payments and the gift card will be sent out within 28 days after the 180 day qualifying period has ended.

As with most other companies, it’s limited to 1 gift card per policy and 2 gift cards per household.

Key points with Post Office free gift:

Sainsbury's life insurance with free welcome giftSainsbury’s Life Insurance – £70 Nectar points + double points

When you take out life insurance with Sainsbury’s (again provided by Legal & General), you can benefit from a one-off bonus of up to £70 worth of Nectar points plus double Nectar points for the rest of your policy.

You’ll start earning double Nectar points from your policy start date, (as long as you’ve provided your Nectar card number).

Plus you’ll get a one-off bonus of up to £70 Nectar points, although the number of points you earn will depend on your policy type and the cost of your monthly premium.

With their level and decreasing term life insurance, if your premium is lower than £8.50 you’ll only receive 10,000 Nectar points, which is worth £50.

If your premium is £8.50 or more you can get 14,000 Nectar points, worth £70.

Lastly, you’ll need to have paid 5 months’ worth of premiums before being entitled to this offer.

Key points with Sainsbury’s free gift:

Co-op life insurance with free welcome giftCo-op Insurance Service – £50 Co-op food vouchers

If you take out life insurance with the Co-op you’ll receive £50 in Co-op food vouchers.

This was the only offer we found which offered food vouchers and we thought it was worth inclusion in our top 10.

Interestingly, Co-op life insurance is provided, underwritten and administered by Royal London – who don’t currently offer a free welcome gift.

A nice perk with Co-op is that you only have to wait 4 months (and not 6) before being able to claim your gift.

Key points with Co-op free gift:

The most important thing is securing the RIGHT cover

So there we have it, the best life insurance with free gifts as we see it in 2019.

It could be that a free gift is enough of an incentive for you to take out that policy; especially if you’ve shopped around and all the rates are very similar.

However, we believe the single most important thing is securing life insurance protection that best meets your specific needs, over the entire policy term.

A free gift is obviously a motivation for you to take out a policy.

But, in the long-term, it’s usually much more important (and cost-effective) to make sure you secure the right policy, from the right insurer, at the right price.

At Reassured we use the information you provide to search the insurance market on your behalf, at no cost to you.

Then we offer you the choice from the best available quotes.

We’re a customer-focused brokerage, here to explain any industry jargon and help you understand your policy, the terms and the application process.

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Please note, if you purchase life insurance through a broker, like Reassured, generally you’ll not be entitled to the gift.