Can you get life insurance with lupus?

Yes, it’s possible to secure life insurance if you have lupus disease.

However, with the symptoms of lupus and severity of the condition varying for each individual, the amount you’ll pay per month (your premiums) may differ from another person who has lupus.

It can be a challenge for people with lupus to find affordable life insurance with the right cover.

However, Reassured have a dedicated impaired team working with specialist insurers, who could help secure some form of cover for applicants who have previously been declined.

We can compare quotes from some of the best UK providers, as well as smaller specialists, to ensure you find our best possible deal. Why not get in touch?

Should I disclose that I have lupus?

Yes, you’ll need to disclose that you have lupus when applying for life insurance.

Failure to disclose a medical condition or its severity, as well as giving false information during the application process is known as ‘non-disclosure’. This can either result in claims being unsuccessful or your policy being terminated.

If you receive a lupus (or any) diagnosis during your policy term, you don’t have to inform your provider.

However, it can make things easier for loved ones when making a claim if you do, as insurers have the right to look into the cause of death.

If you’re diagnosed with lupus during the term of your policy, and pass away as a result, insurers may investigate whether the condition was present at the point of taking out cover.

This could delay the claims process and delay the funds being paid to your loved ones, so it’s good to keep your insurer informed.

Does lupus affect your insurance?

While it’s still possible to secure life insurance with lupus, your condition is likely to influence your life insurance premiums and cover.

As lupus is a complex condition, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe, your premiums and the policy terms you’re offered will vary depending on the frequency and severity of your symptoms.

How much of an impact lupus has on your cover will also depend on which type of lupus you have:

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) (the most common form)
  • Cutaneous lupus, (lupus only in the skin)
  • Drug-induced lupus, (caused by certain prescription drugs)
  • Neonatal lupus, (affects infants of women who have lupus)

Because different forms of lupus have different primary symptoms, it’s not possible to give a universal answer on how much lupus would affect your insurance.

As a complex auto-immune disorder, symptoms of lupus disease can either be permanent, disappear or flare up occasionally. This leads to Reassured tailoring quotes specifically to your situation.

The 11 main symptoms of Lupus, from most to least severe are:

  1. Chest pain due to inflammation of the lungs
  2. Extreme fatigue
  3. Fever
  4. Arthritis in multiple joints
  5. Joint pains and/or swelling
  6. Swelling (hands, feet or around your eyes)
  7. Headaches
  8. Sores in nose and mouth
  9. Raised red patches on the skin
  10. Light sensitivity
  11. Butterfly-shaped rash that’s spread on the cheeks and nose

As some symptoms disappear or improve with medication, it’s important to disclose the full impact lupus has on your day-to-day life.

Failure to provide full details of your condition can prevent a pay out from being made to your loved ones.

If your symptoms are mild, and you’re in reasonably good health, you’ll find it easier to secure a life insurance policy for an affordable price.

However, your circumstances and condition may be weighted differently with each provider. Therefore, it’s important to compare all available quotes.

Speak to a friendly member of our team about securing the right life insurance. We can provide you with all the information you need to make a fully informed decision to protect your loved ones.

How do I get life insurance with lupus?

Securing life insurance with lupus doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour.

Enlisting the help of an expert, such as Reassured, can allow you to find the cover you need by comparing quotes from multiple providers.

We work with a panel of insurers, including some of the UK’s leading insurers as well as specialist providers (such as The Exeter).

Policies from The Exeter are designed for those who either struggle to get affordable life insurance or have been rejected for having a pre-existing medical condition.

Premiums for life insurance through the Exeter start from only £15 per month » but are dependent on your medical condition and other personal circumstances.

Contact Reassured and one of our knowledgeable team members can help you understand your available options.

Best life insurance for people with lupus

The best life insurance for someone with lupus will depend on what you’d like to cover, your available budget and how your condition affects your day-to-day life.

Many types of life insurance will require you to provide medical information during the application process, this includes disclosing that you have lupus.

As a result, depending on the severity of your symptoms, the price you pay for your cover and the terms you’re offered may be impacted.

At Reassured, we offer four different types of life insurance cover through some of the leading life insurance providers and some smaller specialists.

The table below shows the four products, alongside their main features and whether they’re a good option for those with lupus:

Level term life coverDecreasing term life coverWhole of life coverOver 50 life insurance
SummaryA policy that lasts for a set term and provides a fixed sum on successful claimsA policy that lasts for a set term. The sum decreases over the length of the policyA policy that lasts for life and guarantees a pay out when you pass away (at the cost of significantly higher premiums)A guaranteed policy which requires no medical information. Available to UK residents aged between 50 - 85
Is terminal Illness cover included? Icon green tick Icon green tick Icon ruby cross Available with certain insurers
Is medical information required? Icon green tick Icon green tick Icon green tick Icon ruby cross
Cover length40 years40 yearsUntil you pass awayUntil you pass away
Is this beneficial to people with lupus?Good for covering an interest-based mortgage.

Good for those who want a fixed sum assured (pay out amount) to cover large expenses.

However, premium price and terms you're offered may be impacted by lupus.
Good for covering a repayment mortgage.

Useful for those who want to focus on their mortgage being covered for their family if they pass away.

However, premium price and terms you’re offered may be impacted by lupus.
This option may not be the most cost effective for those with lupus if paying inflated premiums for the rest of your life.

Can be more suitable for those later in life who want to guarantee an inheritance for their loved ones.
Can be an ideal option for those with lupus as no medical information is required.

Acceptance is guaranteed for UK residents aged 50 - 85.

Can be useful in covering funeral costs for loved ones and/or providing a small inheritance.

However, eligibility for these products is dependent on your lupus symptoms and other factors.

Under certain criteria with these policies, it’s possible to pay more in than the sum assured.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility or the premium amount, contact Reassured and one of our friendly team members will be happy to check.

How much life insurance do you need?

Work out how much life insurance you may need based on your current financial commitments and what you want your policy to cover. Simply fill in the fields which apply to you for an instant calculation.


£137,934 is the estimated mortgage debt per household in the UK.

The purchase of a home is likely to be the largest financial commitment any of us will make in our lifetime. Your life insurance should cover your remaining mortgage balance to allow your loved ones to stay in the family home should anything happen to you.



The average monthly household budget in the UK is £2,548 (that’s £30,576 per year), which is spent on transport, food & drink, utilities (gas, electricity, water etc), clothing, council tax and leisure activities.

With energy prices hitting a record high and the cost of living rising sharply in the UK, you may wish to factor in utility bills and family living expenses into your cover.



The average personal debt of UK adults has risen to £34,566 (not including mortgage debt), with credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts being the most common forms of debt.

Factoring in any debts into your life insurance cover means that, if they need to be paid back from your estate after your passing, your loved ones won’t miss out financially.



According to SunLife, the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £3,953 (with the overall cost of dying at £9,200).

Funeral costs have increased by 116% since 2004 and are a significant cost which should be factored into the amount of life insurance you secure.



When factoring in cover for your children, you may wish to calculate the amount based on how long it is until they reach financial independence.

This could include childcare (£7,000 per year for part-time care), school expenses (£1,519 per school year for uniforms, lunches, stationary etc), as well as an additional sum for further education (this could be a contribution of up to £5,000 per year).

Sources:, &


2 in 5 adults say they are relying on an inheritance to fund their retirement.

Factoring in an inheritance to your sum assured could allow loved ones to live a more financially comfortable life. Alternatively, you could leave a cash gift to a charity of your choosing.


£ -

If you’re lucky enough to have your own savings or are part of the 30% of UK residents who already have a life insurance policy in place, this can provide financial protection for loved ones.

By entering your current cover, savings or death in service amount you can reduce the sum assured you require.


£ -

Your total cover estimate

£ 0

Let us find you our best quotes.

Why get life insurance with lupus?

Life insurance is beneficial for anyone who’s eligible. However, having a pre-existing condition (such as lupus) can highlight the important of having the right cover in place should the worst happen.

Life insurance could help to cover:

Family Protection

Your family/children - If you have a family that rely on you, consider whether they can afford to continue their current lifestyle if you pass away. The average cost of raising a child to 18 is £175,562, or around £900 per month[1]. Could your partner afford this if you were to pass away?


Your mortgage - If you live with a partner or your family, they may not be able to afford to keep the family home if you pass away. Taking out a life insurance policy to help protect your accommodation costs can resolve this. The average mortgage debt in the UK is £147,755[2].

Flexible funeral payments

Your income - If your family rely on your earnings or your earnings contribute enough to impact your family’s income, then life insurance can help to provide the funds to replace your income if the worst were to happen to you.


An inheritance/charity donations - You may wish to leave money to family members, friends or a charitable cause.

Funeral director

Funeral costs - The average basic funeral now costs £3,953, with the average cost of dying being £9,200[3]. Life insurance can prevent your family from being left with an unaffordable bill during an already difficult period.

It’s best to review your policy on a regular basis to ensure your level of cover still meets your needs.

If your circumstances change (for example, if you move to a bigger house or have another child), your current level of cover may not be adequate for these new aspects of your life.

Reviewing your life insurance regularly can help to ensure you have the necessary amount of cover in place.

With some insurers, it’s possible to amend your policy if your circumstances change without having to undergo additional medical underwriting. This is known as a ‘special events clause’.

This can remove the need to cancel existing cover and secure a new life insurance policy, where you would have to provide updated medical details. Please note, not all policies come with this option.

Other policies for lupus

There are a range of other policies that are available to those with lupus.

As with life insurance, your eligibility and the price that you pay will be influenced by the severity of your condition.

The following cover is also offered with some life insurance policies, or can be taken out separately:

Funeral plan is a policy designed to let you arrange and pre-pay for your funeral.

Please note, Reassured are unable to sell funeral plans. If you are looking for a funeral plan we suggest you check the FCA register to find a regulated provider.

Terminal illness cover is provided with all term based life insurance through Reassured and some over 50s plans. It allows you to make a claim if you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening condition or illness.

If you’ve been diagnosed with less than 12 months to live, a terminal illness claim can be made. The funds can be used to help cover end of life care, or to plan your family’s future when you pass away.

Policies are terminated once a successful claim has been made.

Does lupus fall under terminal illness cover?

No, lupus isn’t classed as a terminal illness and, therefore, won’t be covered under terminal illness cover.

Terminal illness cover will allow you to make an early claim on your life insurance policy if you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that leaves you with less than 12 months to live.

This is providing the illness and prognosis happens during your policy’s term.

Common conditions covered include:

How much does life insurance with lupus cost?

The cost of life insurance for people with lupus will likely be more expensive than average. However, it’s still possible to secure an affordable life insurance policy.

The exact price you pay will depend on your personal circumstances and the severity of your condition.

Due to lupus’ complexity, and as symptoms can have a minimal to high impact, no two life insurance with lupus quotes will be the same.

The price you pay for life insurance won’t just be impacted by your pre-existing condition. Many other aspects will be considered, such as:

  • Your age - The older you are, the more expensive your coverage will be
  • Your occupation - More dangerous occupations pose a greater risk on insurers and this will be reflected in premium costs
  • Your smoking status - Active smokers or smoking within a 12 month period will impact your premiums
  • Your weight and/or BMI - Having a BMI above 25 or being overweight will result in a higher premiums
  • Policy length - Cover can last for a specified term (usually from 5 - 40 years) or it can last until you pass away. The longer the policy term, the more you’ll pay for cover
  • Level of cover - The higher your sum assured (pay out amount) the more you’ll pay for your cover
  • Any additional medical conditions - Either having a history of, or current ill-health can impact your premiums. Conditions which insurers deem a risk result in higher premiums

It’s imperative you provide accurate information so that insurers can understand your situation and calculate your premium accordingly.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may not be accepted by some mainstream providers. However, you may find cover with a specialist provider, who can offer cover to people with less than perfect health.

At Reassured, we have a specialist impaired life insurance team who can help those who’ve previously struggled to find suitable cover.

We work with specialist provider, The Exeter, and are able to offer impaired premiums from just £15 per month.

Your level of risk will vary significantly between providers so it’s important to compare quotes from multiple insurers to find affordable cover.

Why not let Reassured help you do this free of charge?

Living with lupus

It is thought that up to 50,000 people in the UK (or 1 in 1000)[4] have a form of lupus.

There’s no single cause for developing lupus and it mostly affects women of Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Hispanic heritage.

While there’s no cure for lupus, many people can manage their symptoms and lead full lives through medication.

Some of the organisations and charities supporting people with lupus in the UK include:

Life insurance quotes for lupus

Having lupus disease doesn’t mean you can’t obtain affordable life insurance.

The best thing to do is look at each providers available policies and compare available quotes to locate the best deal for your personal situation.

Alternatively, you can enlist the services of Reassured to help you do this, saving you time and money.

One of our friendly team members will be able to compare quotes to find you our best deal.

Our knowledgeable team compare quotes that are fee-free and have no-obligation, so why not get in touch?






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