Over 80 life insurance

Over 80 life insurance, (it’s not too late to get cover)

Is it still possible to secure life insurance cover when you're in your 80s? If yes, what actually are your options and which policy is most cost-effective?… Continue reading

Epilepsy life insurance

Epilepsy life insurance, (can you secure cover?)

Epilepsy is a growing illness in the UK, with more than half a million people being diagnosed. But can epileptics secure life insurance and are their premiums loaded?… Continue reading

Life insurance for newlyweds

Life insurance for newlyweds

So, you've tied the knot and are embarking on many years of happy marriage, but have you arranged your life insurance? Which policy should you choose to meet your changing needs?… Continue reading

Life insurance change in circumstances

Life insurance change of circumstances

As we know things in life change, but can your life insurance change too so that your policy continues to meet your evolving needs?… Continue reading

Over 40 life insurance

Life insurance over 40, (what are your best options?)

Arranging life insurance in your 40s can open you up to even more policy options. Find out everything you need to know to arrange the right cover to meet your unique needs.… Continue reading

How to find out if someone has life insurance UK

How to find out if someone has life insurance UK

Ever wondered how to find out if a loved one had life insurance and whether you're entitled to a payout? Let award-winning life insurance broker Reassured run you through the process… Continue reading

Life insurance for dads

Life insurance for dads

Becoming a dad is often a trigger for men to secure the future of their loved ones and take out life insurance. But which policy should you choose and how much cover do you need? … Continue reading

Short term life insurance

Short term life insurance, (is it worthwhile?)

Short term life insurance describes a policy with one year or less worth of cover. But are these policies worthwhile or is standard life insurance cover a more cost-effective option?… Continue reading

Life insurance for self-employed

Life insurance for self-employed

It's even more important for those who are self-employed to ensure they have adequate life insurance in place to protect their loved ones. Find out why in this comprehensive post… Continue reading

Terminal illness cover

What is terminal illness cover?

Ever wondered what terminal illness cover is, how much it costs and whether it differs from life insurance and critical illness? Let award-winning broker Reassured answer all your questions… Continue reading