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Life Insurance Policy in Trust

What is writing a life insurance policy in trust?

A trust in life insurance terms is simply a legal arrangement designed to ensure that the proceeds from your policy are distributed as you intended.

The policy is looked after by a nominated trustee until the time comes for the benefit to be released to your beneficiaries (normally when the policyholder dies).

Insurance provider OneFamily defines a trust like this:

A trust is a legal arrangement where you (the settlor) give an asset (such as a life insurance policy) to someone else (the trustees) to hold for the benefit of another person or group of people (the beneficiaries) until some time in the future” – (source:

Life insurance policy in trust

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Maximise your investment in life insurance

When you invest time and money arranging life insurance, you want to ensure that your loved ones receive the full benefit of your investment.

Putting your life insurance policy in trust, commonly referred to in insurance as ‘writing’ your policy in trust, can help provide this reassurance.

The main benefits of writing your policy in trust are avoiding large inheritance tax bills and bypassing the lengthy probate process. Despite this, only around 6% of policyholders do it.

Policy in trust summary:

Why use Reassured to arrange your life cover and write in trust?

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