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Risk Hobbies and Life Insurance

Risky hobbies, higher premiums

Whilst thrill-seeking can be fun for the person involved, it might not seem such a laugh when it comes to getting comprehensive life insurance cover.

Insurance companies charge much higher premiums to those who they consider to be a high risk (or impaired) because of their lifestyles.

As much as this might affect a smoker or someone overweight, it can also affect people who indulge in dangerous sports and hobbies in their spare time.

A stamp collector is statistically likely to live longer than someone who regularly goes skydiving, and from an insurers point of view, this means they’ll have to pay more for a policy.

Which hobbies are considered a risk?

If you take part in extreme sports, such as base jumping or hang gliding, you probably already know that you’ll be on the ‘risk’ list. However, some more innocuous activities, such as surfing, can also attract a higher premium.

Just some of the activities which are classed as high-risk hobbies include:

This is just a sample of some of the activities which can be considered to be a risk, but the definitive list will vary from one insurer to another. If you think you might take part in hobbies which put you in the risky category, it is a good idea to shop around for quotes as some insurers may penalise you worse than others.

Your occupation may also be regarded as ‘high risk’ by insurers, again resulting in higher monthly insurance premiums.

We’re never beaten on price, and will ensure you don’t pay over the odds for your life insurance, even if you do choose to spend your weekends being a daredevil!

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