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Risky Occupations and Life Insurance

Risky occupations

Every job has a degree of risk involved, but for the purposes of life insurance, there are a defined occupations which will place you in the ‘high risk’ (or impaired) category. In many cases these can increase your premiums, in other cases, it may mean you have trouble getting cover at all.

Life insurance pays out when you die, so if the job you do means you are at a higher risk of death than someone else, you are likely to be asked to pay more for your cover.

Each insurance company has a different view on your occupation and will judge your application against a set of ‘underwriting criteria’ or guidelines which tell them how to price your insurance quote.

Our experienced consultants here at Reassured have dealt with many high-risk applications over the years, and are often able to beat your quote, even if you are in a risky occupation.

If you think you’ve been over quoted for your life insurance cover, talk to one of our Reassured consultants today on 0808 168 2025 to see if they can find you a better deal.

What occupations are high risk?

The exact occupations that put you in a high-risk category will differ from one insurer to the next, but will usually be characterised by one or more of the following:

There may be other occupations which insurers will label you as ‘high risk’ for, but this list gives you some indication of whether you are likely to be a risk to insure or not. Similarly, if you take part in dangerous hobbies your premiums will be higher too.

What effect does this have on your insurance?

Every insurance application is considered on a case by case basis. In a worst-case scenario, your insurer may decline your application. In most cases, it simply means there will be a little more added on to your premium to compensate for the fact you are high risk.

We can help you secure affordable life insurance, even if you are in a high-risk occupation.

Talk to our Reassured consultants on 0808 168 2025 to ensure you are getting the most competitive policy quotations possible. Alternatively Start Your Quote online today.