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Risky Occupations and Life Insurance

Risky occupations

Airline pilots are considered a risky occupation

Every job involves a degree of risk. However, when it comes to life insurance, there are certain occupations which place you in the ‘high risk’ (or impaired) category.

Being classified as high risk generally increases the cost of your monthly premium. In rare instances, it could mean an insurer declines your application altogether.

Remember, life insurance pays out when you die, so if the job you do means you are at greater risk, it makes sense that you pay more for cover.

It does not mean you cannot find affordable life cover

Every insurer will assess your application against their own specific underwriting criteria, which instructs them on how to price your insurance premium.

Different insurers will employ different underwriting criteria and therefore policy quotes can vary.

In order to secure the right cover, at the very best price, it is important to compare multiple quotes. At Reassured, we can do this on your behalf, at no cost, saving you time and money.

We have many years experience and a proud record of finding policies for people who have been refused elsewhere.

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Which occupations are deemed high risk by insurers?

It is important to understand that occupations classed as high-risk, can vary depending on the insurer. Which is why it is important to either shop around yourself or use a broker to compare multiple quotes.


As a general rule, insurers deem you a higher risk if you:

Example occupations include:

The above is not a complete list of high-risk occupations, merely a guide. Similarly, if you regularly take part in dangerous hobbies your premiums are likely to be higher too.

What effect does this have on your life insurance?

Lorry driverEvery insurance application is considered on a case by case basis. In a worst-case scenario, your insurer may decline your application.

In most cases, it simply means there will be a little more added on to your premium to compensate for the fact you are high risk.

We are here to help you secure affordable life insurance and protect your loved ones, even if you are in a high-risk job.

Why not challenge us to help you find the most affordable cover today?

Reasons to use Reassured for your life insurance:

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